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Business owner advises Rotary members
Kevin Thomas
Kevin Thomas - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Kevin Thomas’ message to the Hinesville Rotary Club on Tuesday
was clear: In order to succeed, local business owners need a solid plan — especially amid an already slumping economy and troop deployments.
As the owner of Southeast Business Development Group, Thomas offered advice to both new and experienced business owners.
He said one main component of operating a successful business is to make sure the owner is focused on managing rather than trying to do all the work.
“Many owners spend more time in their business than on their business,” Thomas said. “This isn’t a good practice,” he said, “for helping a business grow and expand.”
Another key factor, he said, is hiring and motivating quality employees. Thomas said a lot of business owners spend too much time encouraging their bad employees to be average, which is a mistake.
“Give your energy to the best of the best,” he said.
At the end of his speech, Thomas stressed how important it is for business owners to understand their finances. Even if the owner hires someone to track spending, he said having a general concept of the business’ financial situation is vital to maintaining a solid company.
Thomas said business men and women who keep these pointers in mind will have a better chance of surviving the ever-changing business world.
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