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Deeds for Feb. 11-15
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The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes' office from Feb. 11-15. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers, the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books maintained in the clerk's office, the transfer tax (which gives an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and/or Georgia Militia District where it is located. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.

Bacon, Karla K. to Downtown Development Authority of Hinesville;
Book: 1515, Page: 566, Tax: $25; 0.453 acre 17th GMD

Boggs, Timothy to Lewis, Kenneth; Book: 1516, Page: 50, Tax: $218; Description: Lot 15 Margaret Place Sd 1.49 acres 1756th GMD

Boguszewski, Pamela Strickland to Oloans, Anthony; Book: 1515, Page: 698, Tax: $29.20; Description: Lot 15 Sugar Hill Sd of DC Miller Estates 1458th GMD; and Book: 1515, Page: 697, Tax: $70; Description: Lot 14 Sugar Hill Sd of DC Miller Estates

Cade, Charles R. to Denis, Marjorie; Book: 1515, Page: 654, Tax: $42; Description: Lot 25 Georgina Court Townhouses 1458th GMD

Coastal Living Development & Investment LLC. and Pickett, W. Wilson and Watson, Charlie L. Jr. to Dryden Enterprises; Book: 1516, Page: 149, Tax: $504; Description: Lots 69-77 and lots 102, 104 and 106 Oak Crest Phase I 1476th GMD

Denis, Marjorie D. to Pregibon, David; Book: 1515, Page: 679, Tax: $135; Description: Lot 51 Blk G Courtland Sd Phase I Sec 2 1458th GMD

Dryden Enterprises to Williams, Damon L. Sr. and Mary L.; Book: 1516, Page: 72, Tax: $278.90; Description: Lot 20 Hickory Hill Sd Phase 2 1359th GMD

Dryden to Scott, Christopher R. and Alicia D.; Book:  1516, Page: 318, Tax: $224.40; Description: Lot 75 Hickory Hill Sd Phase I 1359th GMD

Foster, Edward D. Jr. to Langfitt, Jason M.; Book: 1516, Page: 269, Tax: $95; Description: Lot 83 Smiley Woods Sd 1458th GMD

Georgia Housing & Finance Authority to HUD; Book: 1516, Page: 380, No tax; Description: Lot 56 Pointe South Sd 1458th GMD

Hill, John Paul to Hill, Frank A.; Book: 1516, Page: 167, Tax: $20; Description: 1/2 interest Lot 7 Magnolia Place Colonels Island 1359th GMD

Hutcherson, Nancy S. to Gibbs, Erma Latrelle; Book: 1516, Page: 1, No tax; Description: 0.75 acre 15th GMD

Lopez, Luis F. to Lopez, Traci Womack; Book: 1516, Page: 13, No tax; Description: Deed book 1515 page 148 1/2 interest Lot 22 Fairington Sd Phase I 1458th GMD

Marrero, Juan C. to Lopez, Luis F.; Book: 1516, Page: 39, No tax; Description: Deed book 1515 page 150 Lot 22 Fairington Sd Phase I 1458th GMD

Martin, Joseph B. and Pam B. to Somers, Garry D. and Helmadollar, Janice B.;
Book:  1516, Page: 15, Tax: $40; Description: westerly portion of Lot R 4 0.496 acres Lake George Inland Lots Sec I Old Limerick Plantation 1476th GMD

Mattraw, Charles E. to Corwin, Kevin L. and Carol B.; Book: 1515, Page:  615, Tax: $62; Description: Lot 31 Ridgewood Sd Phase 2 17th GMD; and Book: 1515, Page: 714, Tax: $48; Description: Unit 26 phase 5 Summerwind Village Condos; and Book: 1515, Page: 723, Tax: $45; Description: Unit 125 Phase 6 Summerwind Village Condos.

SC Sikes LLC to Dasher, Daniel E.; Book: 1516, Page: 502, Tax: $100; Description: Lot 33 Bermuda Bluff Sd 1359th GMD

VA to Toala, Eric W.; Book: 1516, Page: 171, No tax; Description: Lot 8 Blk B Courtland Sd Phase I Sec 2 1458th GMD

VA to Morrison, Deborah G.; Book: 1516, Page:  522, No tax; Description: Lot 329 Eagles Landing Sd Phase 10 1458th GMD

Singleton, Rickie to Singleton, Latana and Singleton, Michelle; Book: 1516, Page: 373, No tax; Description: 2.450 Acres 1892nd GMD

Southern Coastal Homes to Shelton, Cleveland and Salina S.;
Book: 1516, Page: 20, Tax: $225.10; Description: Lot 10 Ryan Estates Sd 1756th GMD

Southern Coastal Homes Inc. to Faison, Malliciah; Book: 1516, Page: 430, Tax:  $181; Description: Lot 3 Ryan Estates Sd 1756th GMD

Stevens, Eddie L. and Nancy M. to Woodland Lakes POA; Book: 1516, Page: 541, No tax; Description: Campsite 188 Green Oaks Sec Woodland Lakes Resorts 1476th GMD

TB Development LLC to Lewis, Kenneth; Book: 1516, Page: 50, Tax: $218; Description: Lot 15 Margaret Place Sd 1.49 acres 1756th GMD

Wethington, Margaret and William P. II to Parker, Dominick P.; Book: 1515, Page: 551, No tax:  $108; Description: Lot 54 Pineridge Plantation Phase 2 1458th GMD

Windley, Horace L. to Rodriguez, John M.; Book: 1515, Page: 653, Tax: $98; Description:  Lot 7 Phase III Northwest Woods Sd 17th GMD

WLN Development to Hutchinson, Douglas R. and Tracie L.;
Book: 1516, Page: 289, Tax: $45; Description: Lot 6 The Grove at Cinder Hill Phase VII containing 0.323 acre 1756th GMD

Woodland Lakes PoA to Walczak, Robert Sr.;
Book: 1516, Page: 540, No tax; Description: Campsite 207 Forest Village Sec Woodland Lakes Resorts 1476th GMD
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