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Filing state tax return not required to get federal rebate
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ATLANTA -- In May, the United States Treasury will begin sending economic stimulus payments to more than 130 million households.
The IRS advises that in order to receive the federal stimulus payment, taxpayers must file a 2007 federal individual income tax return.  Consequently, millions of retirees, disabled veterans and low-wage earners who are exempt from filing a federal tax return must file in order to get the stimulus payment.
Georgia taxpayers, who do not meet the federal criteria for filing and are filing a federal return only to get the payment, are not required to file a Georgia return.
Taxpayers who are uncertain whether to file a Georgia return should review the filing requirements on the Department of Revenue's Web site at Use the link for forms, individual and review Form IT-511.
The economic stimulus payments will not be taxable on either of your 2008 federal or state returns.
In addition to filing a federal return, recipients must have a valid Social Security number and at least $3,000 of qualifying income to receive a stimulus payment. Eligible taxpayers will receive between $300 to $600 if single or $600 to $1,200 if married filing jointly.
Qualifying income includes Social Security benefits, certain Railroad Retirement benefits, certain veterans' benefits and earned income, such as income from wages, salaries, tips and self-employment.  
For additional information concerning the federal economic stimulus payment, log onto the IRS web site at
The federal and state filing deadline is Tuesday, April 15.
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