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Forester replants 11 million trees in Georgia
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JESUP -- Plum Creek Timber Company has announced this year's spring planting exceeded 11 million seedlings in Georgia. The effort is part of Plum Creek's plan to regenerate and grow forests for future generations.
"From producing high-quality seedlings at our nurseries to planting millions of new trees, it's a major undertaking," said Jon Rashleigh, senior resource manager for Plum Creek in Georgia.
Each year, Plum Creek plants approximately 85 million seedlings on its land nationwide. By the close of the 2008 spring planting season, approximately 11.2 million pine seedlings were planted on the company's timberland in Georgia.
All of Plum Creek's timber holdings in Georgia and around the country are managed to the standards of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative program, which incorporates the perpetual growing, harvesting and regeneration of trees.
According to Rashleigh, Plum Creek foresters ensure that within two growing season of harvesting, new seedlings are planted in a wide range of geographical locations.  To produce those seedlings, nursery teams use techniques that involve controlling temperature, moisture and light while providing a nutrient-rich environment.
The seedlings planted in 2008 will grow for 12-15 years before they begin to be thinned, with final harvest at approximately 25 years.
"Regenerating these forests has so many benefits for making sure our land can be used for recreation, for wildlife habitat and for producing quality timber," Rashleigh said.
Plum Creek is the largest and most geographically diverse private landowner in the nation, with approximately 8 million acres of timberlands in major timber producing regions and 10 wood products manufacturing facilities in the Northwest.  In Georgia, Plum Creek works its approximately 866,000 acres of forestland throughout the state.
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