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Help available for recently unemployed
Funding offered for training, advice
Rotarian Vickie Cook, right, presents a certificate of appreciation to Cindy Landolt, executive director of Coastal Workforce Investment and Adult Funding. - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Cindy Landolt, executive director of Coastal Workforce Investment and Adult Funding, said often people feel are overwhelmed with  frustration after losing a job, and don’t feel they have necessary skills to find another, possibly better one.
She said few people realize there’s state-funding available to those seeking higher occupational training and advice.
She told Hinesville Rotarians Tuesday that when an individual struggling after losing a job decides to seek specialized professional training, she and her team can offer tools to help with an assessment, job search, placement and career counseling.
“It also helps to improve the literacy rate, the quality of the workforce, and the dependence on welfare” she said about other community benefits of the program.
And, under the stimulus plan, the federally funded organization just received additional funds to help both displaced adults as well as area youth who also might be affected by the economic downturn.
“We just got 1.4 million in stimulus funds for a youth summer employment program. It will employee about 600 youths,” she said.
But, being mainly a one-stop service for displaced adults, $1.7 million in additional funds were allocated to help continue service to out-of-work adults.
Those residents seeking help or additional training should go to the Hinesville Career center at 740 Gen. Stewart Way. The center partners with Savannah Tech, Armstrong Atlantic State University, Savannah State and other local educational facilities to provide a variety of training.
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