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It's Georgia Ag Awareness Week
Extension advice
Ashley Hoppers ext agent
Ashley Hoppers is UGA Extension Service agent in Liberty County. - photo by File photo

Did you know that a bale of Georgia cotton weighs about 480 pounds, which can produce 215 pairs of jeans, Vidalia onions can only be grown in 20 counties within the State of Georgia, and that today nearly half of the peanut crop in the United States is grown in Georgia?

Georgia also leads the nation in pecan production, averaging 88 million pounds each year. Pecan trees are members of the hickory tree family and in addition to the delicious nuts they grow, these trees are also prized for their lumber to build beautiful furniture.

Goods and services related to Georgia’s agriculture and natural resources affect each of the state’s communities every day.

Agriculture is Georgia’s largest industry, with $73.3 billion of direct and indirect economic impact annually. More than 383,600 Georgia jobs are involved directly in commodity or food- and fiber-related industries.

The Georgia Department of Agriculture is again promoting Georgia’s second annual Agriculture Awareness Week, taking place Monday through Friday.

There will be a themed event each day of the week, all designed to better communicate the important role agriculture contributes to our daily lives, while allowing more involvement from our agricultural partners.

UGA Extension is proud to be a partner in Georgia Agriculture Awareness Week. Extension faculty research and disseminate information for every process in agriculture — from planning up until the product reaches the consumer. We educate businesses and the public about food safety, food preservation and nutrition.

We’re also educating the next generation of citizens and leaders about the diversity and importance of agriculture through Georgia 4-H programs and competitions.

The Liberty County Extension office plans to kick Agriculture Awareness Week off on Monday by spending some time celebrating some of the fabulous school gardens in the county.

Hands-On School Garden Day is an excellent opportunity for schools to showcase the important work students, faculty and staff are doing in their school garden! Liberty Extension is eager to get outside and observe how schools choose to creatively celebrate Hands-On School Garden Day. If you would like Extension to come out to your garden next week, please give us a call!

UGA Extension encourages you to get involved in your communities and schools to spread the word and share your knowledge to help us promote Georgia’s No. 1 industry — agriculture. If you would like to volunteer or get involved in Ag Awareness Week, give us a call at the Liberty County Extension office at 912-876-2133 or come by out office in the Historic Courthouse in downtown Hinesville.

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