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LCPC updates Fleming subarea land-use map
Rezoning request for duplexes tabled
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The Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission on Tuesday approved a revised subarea land-use map for the Fleming community.

The revision mainly affects the 196 corridor, which will be a “mixed-use rural corridor,” according to LCPC planner Melissa Jones.

“It was originally made up of some single-family residential as well as some commercial, and so we are proposing that it is going to be a mixed-use rural corridor,” she said.

The motion to revise the map passed unanimously, and the map next will go before the Liberty County Board of Commissioners for final approval.

The LCPC also tabled a rezoning petition submitted by Cato and Edna Walthour of Walthourville.

The Walthours requested to rezone approximately 0.87 acres of land from agricultural residential to multi-family residential for the purpose of adding duplexes to their property.

The planning-commission staff recommended disapproval, based on the fact that the Walthour’s property is landlocked behind a church, and approval of the request may cause a domino effect of similar landlocked-property owners petitioning to rezone.

Rather than disapprove the request, however, the LCPC tabled the petition and offered the Walthours some recommendations to help improve their chances of approval.

The commission recommended that the Walthours confer with the church owners about purchasing the easement that allows access to the Walthour’s property — another element of the request that was problematic due to the increased traffic that duplexes would bring across the easement.

The LCPC also unanimously approved a petition to rezone 0.98 acres of land from single-family, two-family and mobile-home residential to multi-family residential.

The petition was filed by David McDonald, who intends to use the property for housing units.

McDonald currently has six units on the property at 953 Hollywood Drive.

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