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Ludowici hoping to attract a McDonald's
ludowici map
If built, the McDonald's/convenience store combination would be at the corner of Highway 84 and Mitcham Road. - photo by Google Maps

Leaders from Ludowici met earlier this month with a representative from McDonald’s USA about bringing a restaurant to the city.
During the city council’s monthly meeting Tuesday, Mike Riddle gave a report about the McDonald’s meeting, which took place July 3 with Mayor James Fuller, Mayor Pro Tem Mary Hamilton and McDonald’s area real-estate manager Jason Horne. According to Riddle, the meeting was held to confirm the initial plans to have a McDonald’s established in the city, with the goal to place a convenience store/restaurant at the corner of Highway 84 and Mitchum Street.  
Riddle said he and Hamilton have been looking into bringing a McDonald’s to Ludowici for almost a year, and that he and Horne have had dialogue about the project since April.  
“Nothing is set in stone yet, because Mr. Horne still has to go through the steps that he must take, but things do look really good for us getting a McDonald’s in Ludowici,” Riddle said.
Riddle said Horne, who is assigned to Atlanta, will meet with other city-council members at the Aug. 12 monthly meeting, which is open to the public.
During Tuesday’s meeting, Fuller reported that Ludowici had been approved for a U.S. Department of Agriculture grant package of $78,000. He said the money will be used to purchase two more police cars and equipment for testing drivers who may be driving under the influence of alcohol. Fuller said the grant package will give the city $39,000 toward the purchases and that the remaining $39,000 will be financed through the USDA at 4 percent.
City Clerk Tina Skipper reported that a $6,000 grant has been approved for the city by the Georgia Municipal Association. Skipper, who wrote the grant, said the money will be used to purchase new radios for the police department.
Fuller said the city’s general-fund bank balance is $51,556, the water-and-sewage balance is $78,235, the SPLOST balance is $37,103, and the general-fund savings is $266,517.  
Sylvia Davis reported that the city is making good progress on collecting past-due bills from the water-and-sewage department.
“Our finances are looking pretty good. Last year, we lowered our millage rate by 1 mill, and hopefully, we will be able to drop it another mill this year,” she said.
Cindy McClelland told the council that the committee for the Ludowici Heritage Festival has decided to wait until 2015 to hold its first event.
She said that in May, the group reported that a festival would be held this month in conjunction with Long County High School’s class of 1974 reunion. But with the reunion already planned, it created difficulties in holding it with the festival on such short notice.  
McClelland said that by waiting one more year, the committee will have more time to plan a good initial festival.
In regards to the reunion, she said that it still will be held at 7 p.m. Saturday, July 19, in the cafeteria at Long County Middle School. Anyone with questions about the reunion can call 912-294-2217 or 912-424-8474.

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