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MidCoast Regional to get new fuel supplier
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MidCoast Regional Airport’s Local Joint-Management Board on Thursday approved a new fuel-supply service contract with World Fuel Service.

Of three proposals received, World Fuel Service’s scored the highest, based on the company’s qualifications, pricing and schedule of fees, military-contract experience, financial-reporting structure, fuel-supply ability and quality-control measures.

Although the approval of World Fuel Service’s contract is contingent on further negotiations regarding fuel-truck leasing prices, fuel-markup rates and costs of point-of-sale equipment and software, Liberty County Development Authority Director of Marketing and Communications Danielle Besser said that World Fuel Service is willing to work with the board in those areas.

The airport’s current fuel-supply contract runs through Sept. 30.


Berm signs

The board also discussed the airport’s berm signs, which are showing signs of wear and discoloration.

Six signs are near the terminal’s rear door — three bearing military insignia, and three representing the airport’s civilian partners.

While the board determined the military should be responsible for its signs, it decided that the Liberty County, Hinesville and LCDA signs need replacing.

The board approved the replacement of the county and development authority’s signs’ graphics, and the replacement of the circular Hinesville sign bearing the city’s official seal with a rectangular sign showing the city’s official logo.

The board also voted to replace the county-seal decal on the monument sign with a MidCoast Regional Airport logo to better represent the entities’ partnership. The Department of the Army decal on the monument sign also will be replaced.

Cost for the sign work will total $1,235, with the exception of the replacement of the city’s sign, which will be borne solely by the city. Cost for the city’s sign replacement has not been determined.


Apron striping

Discussion also was held regarding striping along the runway’s apron.

As Trent Long previously reported to the county commission, contractors willing to accept the relatively small striping job have been hard to find, due to larger contracts available in other parts of the state.

Besser said that Long and the development authority are continuing to search for a contractor willing to accept the job.

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