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Multi-cultural business institute opens
Brenda Bautista
Brenda Bautista - photo by Photo provided.
B.C.Bautista and Associates opened its new multi-cultural business and language institute in Hinesville this month.
Founded by trilingual business professional Brenda Bautista, the school offers Spanish and English language instruction, translation and interpretation services and cross-cultural and diversity training for business.
Bautista was born in the United States but earned degrees in Latin-American studies and international relations from universities in Mexico, as well as a degree in Spanish from Armstrong Atlantic State University. She is the former director of Savannah’s Latin-American Services Organization and has import and export sales experience gained in the manufacturing industries in the United States, Latin America, Canada and Europe.
“We offer language students a warm, friendly, low-pressure learning environment,” Bautista said. “Our programs focus on communication rather than content. We help with practical application of grammar rather than absorption of ideas, facts or issues. By keeping the classes small, we offer custom-designed Spanish and English lessons and flexible schedule that matches each student’s needs, goals and lifestyle.”
Bautista said in today’s competitive business environment, companies cannot afford to operate with a domestic approach in a global economy. Her institute specializes in foreign and English business language training for groups or individuals, either in-company or in classrooms. Instructors also are trained in medical and legal Spanish for the workplace.
“Doing business across cultures requires more than just language skills,” Bautista said. “We help students learn to ask the right questions and understand cultural nuances. What is truly the time that a meeting will begin in Spain if it’s called for 10 a.m.? In what culture is it inappropriate to show the bottoms of your shoes? In what country is it polite not to finish your meal? We teach our students the answers to questions like these and many more.”
Bautista’s offices are at 108 Commerce St., suite D, above Uncommon Grounds Café. Prospective students can call Bautista at 432-3155 or 877-3909 or e-mail her at For more information, go to
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