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Officials warn of solicitation scandal
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ATLANTA — Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel warned corporations recently that her office received numerous complaints about solicitations sent from a firm called “Compliance Services.” The firm offers to complete corporate meeting minutes on behalf of Georgia corporations for a fee. The “Annual Minutes Requirement Statement” included in the offer is very similar to solicitations mailed during the past two years from firms named “Georgia Corporate Compliance” and “Georgia Corporate Headquarters.”
Despite the implications contained in the solicitation, Georgia corporations are not required by law to file corporate minutes with the secretary of state. Additionally, Compliance Services is not registered with the secretary of state’s corporations division to do business in Georgia.
“Georgia corporate customers should be advised that their company is not required to file annual minutes,” Handel said.
The solicitations are presented in a manner similar to annual registration forms sent out by the secretary of state’s office. Also, the solicitations contain a limited response time. Although the solicitation contains a disclaimer stating that Compliance Services is not affiliated with the office of the Georgia Secretary of State or endorsed or made by the federal government or an agency of the federal government, some corporate officers have been understandably confused by the official-looking documents.
Georgia’s corporate entities do not have to do business with Compliance Services. The forms provided by Compliance Services are not required by the office of the secretary of state. There is no need for corporations to use Compliance Services or any other business offering similar services for any reason, unless they choose to do so.
It is important to remember that any official statement or request from the office of the secretary of state will clearly indicate its origin by displaying the state seal and the name of Secretary of State Karen Handel.
If corporate customers have any other questions, call the corporations division call center at (404) 656-2817.
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