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Planned subdivisions taking different tact
Houses will follow infrastructure
A walkway traverses marsh to reach a dock. - photo by Photo by John Deike
Two planned subdivisions are expected to appear on Colonel’s Island soon, and they are considered unique among the many developments going up in the county.
Angler’s Edge, being developed by Joel Rushing, and Spartina Landings, being developed by Joel and Jay Osteen, are subdivisions featuring only horizontal development, meaning they will feature only infrastructure — no houses.
Typically, when a subdivision is fully developed, there is the horizontal construction followed by the vertical construction, Liberty County Director Sonny Timmerman said.
During the horizontal construction, the water, piping, sewers, drainage and streets are installed, and then the vertical construction begins, Timmerman said.
The vertical construction includes the building of the homes, but for Angler’s Edge and Spartina Landings, the property owners will be responsible for their own vertical construction, he said.
“The Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission and the county commission approved Angler’s preliminary plat, and construction will begin shortly to develop the land,” Timmerman said.
The 58 lots will  be on 64 acres near Lake Pamona Road, and mobile homes cannot be placed on any of the lots, he said.
Construction is nearly complete for Spartina where 26 individual plots of horizontally developed land are located on 83 acres, county engineer Trent Long said.
On the east side of Youman's, the development will feature a coastal clubhouse and deep-water community dock for boating and fishing, and the plots of land will lie on the west side of the road, Joel Osteen said.
"With its mature oaks, stretches of timber and deepwater dock, it's the most beautiful development I've seen on the coast of Georgia," Osteen said.
The construction of the clubhouse will commence soon and the marketing of Spartina will begin in upcoming months, he noted.
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