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Private eye opens shop here
cornealousTillman 1
Cornealous Tillman - photo by Photo provided.
A dream has come true for Cornealous Tillman.
“When I was a little kid, I knew there was something in me that wanted to be a private investigator,” the 44-year-old said.
After years of preparation in the military and police force, Tillman, a Port Wentworth resident, has begun a private investigation business in Hinesville.
“I believe God put that desire in me,” Tillman said, “My whole life has been a track for it.”
Tillman isn’t new to the Hinesville area. As a child, he lived here while his father served in the Air Force. Later, his family moved to different military bases, including in Germany.
When it came time to decide where to settle down, Tillman said he wanted to move back to this area to begin his private investigation business.
To prepare for this future endeavor, Tillman joined the Air Force to be a military policeman. After serving for five years, Tillman went on to be a police officer for seven years.
Since taking the first steps toward starting the business, Tillman said the paperwork and getting certified have been challenging.
“Today, I have not taken out any business loans,” Tillman said.
Since officially beginning his business earlier this year, the investigator said he has worked and closed two cases. Both were for a Hinesville resident who was looking for relatives she had not seen for years.
Currently, Tillman is looking for ways to market his business and inform the public of what he does.
“Most peoples’ concept of a private investigator is the guy hiding under the bushes or of an espionage-type thing,” Tillman said. “Nowadays, everything has become more technical.”
The work private investigators do includes: asset recovery, working with attorneys on criminal cases, adoption process and serving papers.
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