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Property transfers for Jan. 25
house sale

Property transfers recorded in the Liberty County Clerk of Courts Office Oct. 20-28, from book 1881, include:

Dodd, Gary to Dodd, Ashley; page 104; Price: $50,000. Description: None given.

Sullivan, Richard to Lambeth, Richard and Lambeth, Melinda; page 120; Price: $37,146; Description: None given.

Devendorf, Meredith to Maybank Property LLC; page 128; Price: $0; Description: Maybank Tract.

Devendorf, Meridith to Midway I Property LLC; page 133; Price: $0; Description: Maybank Tract.

Holton, Linda to Hawkins, Kaye; page 137; Price: $105,000; Description: 5 acres 1284 South Coastal Hwy.

O’Neal, Edna to Ditech Financial LLC FKA Green Tree Servicing LLC; page 155; Price: $82,209; Description: 3521 Barrington Ferry Rd Riceboro, .759 acres Lot 2.

Ditech Financial LLC FKA Green Tree Servicing LLC to Federal National Mortgage Association; page 158; Price: $82,209; Description: 3521 Barrington Ferry RD Riceboro, .759 acres Lot 2.

Elizabeth Ann McClory, as Executrix of the Last Will and Testament of Marilyn J. Clark to Hansen, George; page 182; Price: $172,000; Description: 856 Old Field Dr., Lot 24 Jacks Hill.

Farris, Lee to Rogers, David and Rogers, Angela; page 254; Price: $7,000; Description: 6.6 acres.

Farris, Lee to Bowen, Amy; page 257; Price: $27,500; Description: 8.68 acres.

Taylor, Sabian to Williams, Cordell; page 264; Price: $115,000; Description: 164 River Bend Dr. Midway, 34 River Bend S/D, Ph. 4.

RTS Homes, LLC to Dudley, Joe; page 284; Price: $246,200; Description: 963 Oak Crest Dr. Hinesville, Lot 5, The Retreat at Oak Crest.

Branch, John to Branch, Karen; page 304; Price: $0; Description: 1/2 Undivided Interest, Lot 14, Garden acres, Caines S/D Bk D.

Dryden Enterprises, Inc. to Williams, Jerry and Williams, Gloria J; page 319; Price: $240,035; Description: 701 Waterlily Court Hinesville, 338, Griffin Park S/D, Ph. 7A.

Martin, Edward to Poole, Kathy and Martin Jr, James Donald; page 347; Price: $0; Description: 459 Elma G Miles Pkwy Hinesville, 0.63 acre.

Chaffin, George to Chaffin, Jerry and Chaffin, Kimberley Ann; page 399; Price: $0; Description: None given.

Branch Banking and Trust and Company to Secretary of Housing and Urban Developments, his successors and assigns; page 403; Price: $64,600; Description: 176 Sequoia Circle.

Toller, Annalea to JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association; page 406; Price: $80,798; Description: 904 Drake Court.

JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. to Secretary of Veterans Affairs; page 409; Price: $80,798; Description: 904 Drake Ct.

Daahn, LLC to Jackson, Frederick; page 429; Price: $115,000; Description: None given.

Jackson, Fredrick to Jackson, Amyleigh; page 446; Price: $0; Description: ½ undivided interest.

Soriano, Fedrian to Soriano, Fidel; page 477; Price: $2,000; Description: 212 Deerwood Dr Hinesville, Lot 40.

Dryden Enterprises, Inc. to Jameson, Lawrence and Jameson, April L; page 448; Price: $183,336; Description: 26 Outpost Trail, 281, The Villages at Limerick, Ph. 6.

Dozier, Tiffani to Wells Fargo Bank, NA; page 507; Price: $76,545; Description: 329 Nottingham Way.

Wells Fargo Bank, NA to Secretary of Veterans Affairs, an Officer of the United States; page 511; Price: $76,545; Description: 329 Nottingham Way.

Joseph, Antoine to Ditech Financial LLC; page 532; Price: $66,339; Description: 656 McDowell Rd Hinesville, Lot 199D.

Ditech Financial LLC to The Secretary of Veterans Affairs; page 535; Price: $66,339; Description: 656 McDowell Rd Hinesville, Lot 199D.

Moeller, Charles to Sweethaven Properties, LLC; page 556; Price: $75,000; Description: Parcel A 0.888 acres Parcel B 4.295 acres 301 Isle of Wight Road.

Wayzata Properties, LLC to Johnson, Melinda; page 593; Price: $97,500; Description: 60 Henry Lane, Lot 11, Carrie Heights S/D, Ph. 2.
Boyd, John to Enlow, Vernon; page 616; Price: $155,000; Description: 481 St. Johns Rd.

Secretary of Housing and Urban Development to Dooley, Bianca; page 642; Price: $67,500; Description: 1450 Paul Caswell Blvd, Lot
1 Caswell Woods.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs to Lara, Jose and Garcia, Eva M; page 653; Price: $144,001; Description: 136 Glynn Ct.

Pilozo, Luis to Stewart, Curtissa; page 742; Price: $117,000; Description: 937 Granger Drive.

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