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Real estate transactions for July 16
GMD map
Georgia Militia Districts in Liberty County
The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes' office from June 23-27. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers, the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books in the clerk's office, the transfer tax (which gives an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and/or Georgia Militia District where it is located. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.

Ameriquest Mortgage Securities Inc, Deutsche Bank National Trust Co and Citi Residential Lending Inc Series 2002 D to Schmidtke, Alexander G: Book 1539, Page  300, Tax  $86, Description  Lot 4 Blk B Woodlawn Terrace 17th GMD

Barnes, Christopher S to Derby, Jeffrey S: Book  1539, Page 269, Tax  $69, Description  Lot 4 The Groves at Cinder Hill Phase 7 0.9 of acre 1476th GMD

Braun, James M Jr to Braun, Leon M Jr and Beth: Book 1538, Page 328, Tax $65, Description  northerly part of Lot 11 Five Oaks Sd Phase 2 1359th GMD

Bryant, Anthony to Bryant, Sonya: Book  1538, Page  470, No tax recorded, Description  Lot 6 Palmetto Trace Sd 1476th GMD

Bryant, Anthony to Weller, Vicki J: Book  1539, Page  323, Tax  $96.50, Description:  Lot 52 Ridgewood Sd Phase 1 17th GMD

Chase Home Finance LLC to VA: Book  1538, Page  123, No tax recorded, Description Magnolia Trace Condo Unit 124 Phase 2

Corey, Matthew J to Grantz, John: Book 1538, Page  561, Tax  $177.50, Description  .87 of acre Lot 13 Martin Woods Sd 17th GMD

Denis, Marjorie to Nostrant, Dennis: Book  1539, Page  221, Tax  $53, Description  Lot 27 Blk C Georgina Courts 1458th GMD; also Book  1539, Page  247, Tax  $75, Description  Lot 21 Palmetto Trace Sd Revised 1458th GMD

Dep WP8 LLC to Swain, Holly: Book  1538, Page  617, Tax  $9.80, Description:  Lot 8 Davidson Sd 0.93 Acre 1458th GMD

Dias, John Oliver to Matias, Marcus V: Book  1538, Page  449, Tax  $132, Description  Lot 65 Timber Ridge Sd Phase 2 17th GMD

Dryden Enterprises Inc to Mckinney, Lester: Book  1538, Page  21, Tax  $229.70, Description  Lot 63 Hickory Hill Sd Phase I 1359th GMD

Eddy, Hye Yong and Randall K to Sohn, Eileen and Maxwell, William F: Book  1538, Page  385, Tax  $85, Description  Lot 28 Northwest Woods Phase 5 17th GMD

Eller, Martha and Ray to Pfisterer, Charlene L and Jason A: Book  1538, Page 631, Tax  $43, Description  Parcel A 2.04 acres 1892nd GMD

Flowers, Jason B to Suiter, Jeremy: Book  1538, Page  742, Tax  $93.70, Description  Lot 17 Towers Sd 1458th GMD

Green Point Properties LLC to Rodriguez, Jose I: Book  1539, Page  333, Tax  $97.90, Description Lot C Blk N Evergreen Sd 17th GMD

Groover, Vicki Hope to Howard, Phillip T: Book  1538, Page  428, Tax  $87, Description  Lot 175 Mary L Caines Sd 1458th GMD

Head, Felton L to Thompson, Deshawn L and Vonetta C: Book  1539, Page  49, Tax  $218.60, Description  Lot 1 Edgewater Sd 1892nd GMD

Hinesville Home Center Inc to Pfisterer, Charlene L and Jason A: Book  1538, Page  633, Tax  $170, Description  Parcel A  2.04 Acres 1892nd GMD

Hutchinson, Douglas R and Tracie to Harman, Jeffrey E: Book  1538, Page  706, Tax  $125, Description  Lot 49 Willowbrook Sd Phase I 17th GMD

Irwin, Frederick A III to Fryar, Casonia L: Book  1539, Page  281, Tax  $182, Description  Lot 44 Lexington Sd Phase 2 1458th GMD

James, Joseph M Jr and Kimberly D to Wells, Travis J and Peggy: Book  1538, Page  502, Tax  $168.10, Description  Lot 15 Sandy Run Estates Phase 2 1476th GMD

Miller, Michael J to Pena, Hector Rivas and Morales, Mary Ann Rivera: Book: 1539, Page  361, Tax  $122.50, Description  Lot 194 Hawthorne Sd Phase 5 1458th GMD

Peebles, Jones and Lucy to MSK Investments: Book  1538, Page  9, Tax  $47.50, Description Unit 46 Bld F Phase 2 Woodwind Townhouses Liberty Co

Pfisterer, Charlene L and Jason A to Hinesville Home Center Inc: Book  1538, Page  632, No tax recorded, Description  Parcel A  2.04 Acres 1892nd GMD

Puckett, Marcie J and Robert to Girdwood, Timothy Shane: Book  1538, Page  539, Tax  $117.90, Description  Lot 70 Mills Creek Sd Phase 3 17th GMD

Robertson, Richard G to Neubauer, Patricia:  Book  1538, Page  408, Tax $47, Description  Unit 22 Bld D Phase 2 Woodwind South Condos

Simmons, Peter M to Redmond, Carl W, Dasher, Suzanne W, Morgan, Darren and Laura, and Saturday, James M and Karen P: Book  1538, Page  68, Tax  $24.70, Description  Lot 23 and west half of 24 Lake Heights Sd Blk C Isle Of Wight 1359th GMD

TRS Properties LLC to Schmidtke, Alexander G and Gilda F: Book 1538, Page  213, Tax  $47.80, Description  Lot 80 Blk A Georgina Courts 1458th GMD; Book  1538, Page  233, Tax  $47.80, Description  Lot 81 Blk A Georgina Courts 1458th GMD; Book:  1538, Page:  253, Tax:  $47.80
Description:  Lot 82 Blk A Georgina Courts 1458th GMD; Book  1538, Page  273, Tax  $47.80, Description  Lot 83 Blk A Georgina Courts 1458th GMD; Book  1538, Page  293, Tax  $47.80, Description  Lot 84 Blk A Georgina Courts 1458th GMD

VA to Beachum, Brandon E: Book  1538, Page  166, No tax  recorded, Description  Lot 226 Eagles Landing Sd Phase 7 1458th GMD

VA to McIver, Arthur: Book  1538, Page  190, No tax recorded, Description  Lot 95 Hawthorne Sd Phase 1A 1458th GMD

Vaughn, William F to White, Tristan M and Lorraine J: Book  1538, Page  518, Tax  $141, Description  Unit 5 Bld A Maybank Village Condos
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