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Real estate transfers for Feb. 15
GMD map
Georgia Militia Distircts in Liberty County
The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes' office from Jan. 12-26. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers, the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books maintained in the clerk's office, the transfer tax (which gives an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and/or Georgia Militia District where it is located. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.

Baker, Herbert L and Ruth J to Woodland Lakes POA: Book 1568, Page 362, No tax, Description Campsite 181 Green Oaks Sec of Woodland Lakes Resorts 1476th GMD

Bellamy, Jeffrey L and Laura C to Harvey, Tonya L: Book 1567, Page 622, Tax $200, Description Lot 52 Arlen Oaks Sd Phase 4 1476th GMD

Bensyl, Amy N and Regan M to Menzies, James L II and Angela R: Book 1567, Page 419, Tax $131.50, Description Lot 74 Hunters Ridge Sd Phase 2 1892nd GMD

Berryman, Melanie A and Michael T to Wilfong, Loreen and First Baptist Livingston Boys & Girls Trust: Book 1567, Page 360, No tax, Description Lot 102 Pine Place Sd Phase 4 1476th GMD

Bird, Franklin E. to Bird, Shirley Ruarks Bird: Book 1568, Page 361, No tax, Description Campsites 42 and 49 Deertrail Sec of Woodland Lakes Resorts 1476th GMD

Briceno, Hazel D to Dickey, Jonathan E and Amanda J: Book 1568, Page 198, Tax $89.30, Description Lot 27 Smiley Woods Sd 1458th GMD

Catherine Keen Designs LLC to Tedder, James E: Book 1567, Page 56, Tax $179, Description Lot 18 Windy Oaks Sd Phase 1 1359th GMD

Catskill Builders Inc to Brant, Rhonda H: Book 1567, Page 294, Tax $63.30, Description Lot 4 and part of 5 Blk C East End Sd Isle Of Wight 1359th GMD

Countrywide Home Loans Inc to VA:  Book 1566, Page 733, No tax, Description Lot 81 Pointe South Sd 1458th GMD

Countrywide Home Loans Servicing LP to Rodriguez, John: Book 1566, Page 736, Tax $50, Description Lot 81 Pointe South Sd 1458th GMD

Cummings, John M. to Carter, Eileen S: Book 1567, Page 635, Tax $123, Description Lot 10 Blk A Woodridge Homes Sd 1458th GMD

Dryden Enterprises Inc to Stuck, Stephanie Saniel and Jason Edward: Book 1567, Page 109, Tax $177, Description Lot 93 The Villages at Limerick Phase 2a 1359th GMD

Ewing, Angelina D to Smith, Carl T and Donna R: Book 1567, Page 137, Tax $5, Description Lot 12 Sunshine Sd 1359th GMD

FiatP SSF Timber LLC to Southern Natural Gas Co: Book 1568, Page 104, Tax $290, Description 32.60 acres in 1892nd

Freedom Development LLC and Fryn, Jacques A to WR Enterprises LLC and Rogers, Walt D: Book 1568, Page 236, Tax $229.50, Description Lots 327-332 Oak Crest Phase 4 1756th GMD

Georgia Housing Group Inc to Crenshaw, Daniel: Book 1567, Page 652, Tax $174.90, Description Lot 363 Oak Crest Sd Phase 4 1756th GMD

Herr, William L to Herr Family Land Trust: Book 1567, Page 512, No tax, Description Lot 8 Ashmore Sd 17th GMD

Hinesville Home Center Inc to Johnson, Georgia: Book 1567, Page 215, Tax $90, Description .7 of an acre in 15th GMD

Hysell, Craig D to Michie, Bill David Jr: Book 1567, Page 517, Tax $63, Description Unit 128 Phase 3 Stewart Pines Condos

Jimenez, Christopher to Ladson, Marycetta V: Book 1567, Page 692, Tax $126.50, Description Lot 241 Eagles Landing Sd Phase 8A 1458th GMD

Johnson, Georgia to Hinesville Home Center Inc: Book 1567, Page 217, No tax, Description .7 of acre in 15th GMD

Keel, Patricia to Yates, Traci L: Book 1568, Page 218, Tax $110, Description Lot 14 Knotts Place Sd 1458th GMD

Kelly, Nellie to Jamsa, Javed: Book 1568, Page 71, Tax $5, Description .2 of acre in 1458th GMD

Majarrez, Caralee E and Richard A to Frankforter, Robert L and Nadia B: Book 1568, Page 293, Tax $115.50, Description Lot 81 Waterfield Sd 1458th GMD

Martin, Gill to Martin, Barbara: Book 1567, Page 689, Tax $35, Description Unit 72 Bld K Phase 4 Woodwind South Condos

National City Bank to VA: Book 1566, Page 703, No tax, Description Lot 119 Mills Creek Sd Phase 2 17th GMD

Pabo, Theodore K to Perkins, Michael D: Book 1568, Page 339, Tax $119, Description Lot 207 Waterfield Sd Phase 3 B 1458th GMD

Padrick, Donald R and Lois A to Rodriguez, John: Book 1567, Page 21, Tax $50, Description Lot 1 Highland Park Sd 17th GMD

Rogers, Walt to Yee, Melissa M: Book 1567, Page 170, Tax $183, Description Lot 92 Parish Crossing Phase 2 1458th GMD

VA to Ghant, Aarynne C: Book 1567, Page 84, No tax, Description Lot 26 Blk A Woodlawn Terrace Sd 17th GMD

VA to Johnson, Andrew S: Book 1567, Page 499, No tax, Description Lot 25 Blk A Mallard Village Sd Phase 4 17th GMD

Stanley, Shannon E to Ewbank, Yvonne: Book 1567, Page 133, No tax, Description Lots 35 and 36 Blk A Hectors Bluff Sd Isle of Wight 1359th GMD

Thelusma, Ludzen and Surprise to Cheatum, Christopher M: Book 1567, Page 599, Tax $117, Description Lot 37 Willowbrook Sd Phase 1 17th GMD

West, James G and Jennifer a to Voisine, Reynold and Helga J: Book 1568, Page 318, Tax $325, Description Lot 35 Cherokee Rose Country Club 1458th GMD

Williams, Jennifer L and Kirby C to Kenny, Frank R: Book 1567, Page 396, Tax $123.50, Description Lot 9 Pine Place Sd Phase I 1458th GMD

Woodland Lakes POA Inc to Boyles, Mark W: Book 1568, Page 363, Noo tax, Description Campsite 90 Green Oaks Sec of Woodland Lakes Resorts 1476th GMD

Woods, Jody C Jr to Jeffers, Lynn: Book 1567, Page 352, Tax $1, Description Campsite 41 Dogwood Sec Woodland Lakes Resort 1476th GMD

Woolard, C Mccall to Brazells Creek Land & Timber LLC: Book 1567, Page 264, No tax, Description Lots 17 18 and 21 Colonial Oaks Sd 1359th GMD

WR Enterprises LLC To Yee, Melissa M: Book 1567, Page 170, Tax $183, Description Lot 92 Parish Crossing Phase 2 1458th GMD
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