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Real estate transfers for June 22
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The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes’ office between and May 28-June 1. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers; the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books maintained in the clerk’s office, the transfer tax (which gives you an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and/or Georgia Militia District where it is located. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.

Ansley, Stephen C to Shaw, Mark A and Kimberly B; Book: 1471, Page: 616, Tax: $95; Description: 1.336 Acres 1359th GMD

Antonio, Ronald J and Sherry A to Schepers, Michael D and Erin D; Book: 1471, Page: 533, Tax: $102.50; Description: Lot 85 Phase 1A Timber Ridge Sd 17th GMD

B&B Properties LLC to Palko, Michael J III; Book: 1471, Page: 505, Tax: $208; Description: Lot 104 Governors Quarters Phase I 1756th GMD

Banks, Mary L Brown to Alvin, Daywan; Book: 1470, Page: 736, Tax: $83.30; Description: Parcels 1 and 2 containing .28 of acre 1458th GMD

Barnes, Cullen to Wilson, Michael W; Book: 1471, Page: 75, Tax: $75.50; Description: Lot 11 Harrison Heights Sd 17th GMD

Colster, Christopher A and Dawn E to Watts, Michael; Book: 1471, Page: 111, Tax: $196.50; Description: Lot 6 River Bend Sd Phase 4

Dryden Enterprises to Givens, Daniel and Kindra C; Book: 1471, Page: 233, Tax: $182.50; Description: Lot 27 Devereaux Place Sd 1458th GMD

Edwards, David B and Resa L to Bacon, Kimberly N; Book: 1471, Page: 573, Tax: $254; Description: 9.34 acres 1359th GMD

Effingger, Toni L to Meno, Reginald D; Book: 1471, Page: 714, Tax: $121.90; Description: Lot 157 Waterfield Sd Phase 3A 1458th GMD

Fail, Mary E to Manly, Jennifer E and Jacob E; Book: 1471, Page: 163, Tax: $97.10; Description: 1 acre 1756th GMD

Georgia Seacoast Properties to Paige, John H; Book: 1471, Page: 100, No tax on corrective warranty; Description: Lot 2 Sec B Old Limerick Plantation Sd 1476th GMD

Haley, Melissa Cothran and Todd Thaxton to Fail, Mary E; Book: 1471, Page: 267, Tax: $61.80; Description: Lot 14 Northwest Woods Phase I 17th GMD

Hodges, Lois C to Copeland, Mark Curtis and Diane W; Book: 1471, Page: 743, Tax: $225; Description: 1.832 acres 1756th GMD

Howard, Kacey to Richardson, Dennis Sr and Coretta M; Book: 1471, Page: 143, Tax: $96; Description: Lot 116 Timber Ridge Sd Phase 3 17th GMD

Hunter, Tiwanna J Lockette to Seale, Robert M and Seale, Mary E; Book: 1471, Page: 554, Tax: $117.50; Description: Lot 77 Windhaven Sd Phase I 17th GMD

Lightfoot, Harriette L and John R to Emanuel, Darnell; Book: 1470, Page: 681, Tax: $182; Description: Lot 5 Cinder Hill Sd Phase Iv 17th GMD

Live Oak Real Estate Investments to Santos, Felix R; Book: 1471, Page: 285, Tax: $134.20; Description: Lot 11 Blk B Phase I 1st filing County Club Estates 1458th GMD

Lynch, Ruth Ann to Green, Ronald E; Book: 1471, Page: 690, Tax: $40; Description: Lot 21 Ashburn Sd 2nd Installment Isle Of Wight 1359th GMD

Monk, Joshua L Jr and Vanessa K to Collins, Chad S and Sheila M; Book: 1471, Page: 83, Tax: $115.40; Description: Lot 10 Sec L Lake George Inland Lots Old Limerick Plantation 1476th GMD

Raub, Carrie J and Jason R to Rosa, Nelson J Cuesta; Book: 1471, Page: 482, Tax: $95; Description: Lot 46 Oak Ridge Estates 1458th GMD

VA To Wilfong, Gerald Edward and Loreen Elizabeth; Book: 1471, Page: 44, No tax; Description: Lot 100 Pine Place Sd Phase 4 1458th GMD

Severson, Zebulon C to Guest, Teresa E; Book: 1471, Page: 328, Tax: $107; Description: Lot 24 Oak Creek Sd 15th GMD

Smith, Carl T Jr to Johnson, Andrew S; Book: 1471, Page: 10, Tax: $139.90; Description: Lot 1 containing .375 of acre 1359th GMD

Smith, Gloria A to Payne, Mark A; Book: 1471, Page: 269, Tax: $82; Description: 1 acre about half mile southeast of Dorchester Station 1359th GMD

Wakely, Michael K and Patricia C to Wakely Properties LLC; Book: 1471, Page: 408, No tax; Description: Lot 4A A Sd plat parcel 4 1458th GMD

Winters, David L to Clark, Clifton L; Book: 1471, Page: 667, Tax: $104.50; Description: Lot 6 Ridgewood Sd Phase 3 17th GMD
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