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Real estate transfers for May 9
GMD map
Georgia Militia Districts in Liberty County
The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes’ office between April 23 and 27. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers; the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books maintained in the clerk’s office, the transfer tax (which gives you an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and or Georgia Militia District where it is. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.

Ansley, Stephen C to Gaddy, John and Crystal L; Book: 1464, Page: 96, Tax: $75; Description: Lot 4, 1.8 acres Holly Cove 1359th GMD.

Arthur, Travis W to Oneal, Sheneda N; Book: 1463, Page: 501, Tax: $113; Description: Lot 19 Eagles Landing SD Phase I 1458th GMD

Benzenhafer, Michael J and Toni B to Moore, Alfred C and Phyllis Jean; Book: 1464, Page: 70, Tax: $65; Description: Lots 41 & 42 Forest Heights SD 2nd Installment Isle of Wight 1359th GMD

Black Bucket Construction LLC to Reynolds, Shannon L and Hasahnn M; Book: 1464, Page: 529, Tax: $184.90 Description: Lot 114 Governors Quarters Phase I 1756th GMD

Blevins, Joseph R Jr. to Riveramarrero, Carlos A; Book: 1464, Page: 253, Tax: $111.90; Description: Lot 151 Hawthorne SD Phase 4 1458th GMD

Boondry, Bobbie to Clark, Joann and Linford J; Book: 1464, Page: 614, no tax recorded: Description: Lot 23, 0.69 acre Smiley Hall SD 1359th GMD

Boyles, Leslie L and Steven E to Clackler, Jodie L and Tony L II;  Book: 1464, Page: 592, Tax: $101; Description: Lot 85 Mills Creek SD Phase III 17th GMD

Brown, Mario to Breen, Joseph A; Book: 1464, Page: 413, Tax: $132; Description: Lot 12 Lot 13 Highland Park 17th GMD

Bryant, Sonya to Haynes, Reginald V Jr.; Book: 1464, Page: 49, Tax: $112.90; Description: Lot 5 Eagles Landing SD 1458th GMD

Diaz, Francisco Rivera to Lopez, Luis F; Book: 1464, Page: 47, Tax: $105.40; Description: Lot 141 Waters Estates Phase 3 1458th GMD

Dodd, Gary W to Flournoy, Jennifer Gates; Book: 1464, Page: 205, no tax recorded; Description: Parcel 1 lot A, 3.09 acres, Parcel 2, 11.191 acres less and except 1.027 acres, Parcel 3, 2.95 acres, Tract 1, 1.9533 acres, and Tract 2, 1 acre, 1359th GMD

Dryden Enterprises to Gordon, Donald L and Michelle; Book: 1464, Page: 671, Tax: $183.30; Description: Lot 13 Devereaux Place 1458th GMD

Golden, Wayne to Hinesville Home Center; Book: 1464, Page: 24, Tax: $50; Description: 5 acres 1746th GMD

Hemingway, Michael to Ortiz, Limary and Rodriguez, Edwin Reyes; Book: 1464, Page: 485, Tax: $109; Description: Lot 7 Blk A Sikes SD 1458th GMD

Howard, Kacey to Frazier, Ervin G and Tanisha L; Book 1464, Page: 127, Tax: $115.80; Description: Lot 85 Eagles Landing SD Phase 3 1458th

Jones, John A to Valerio, Juan; Book: 1463, Page: 539, Tax: $50; Description: Unit H Bld 7 Colonial Park Condos Phase III 1458th GMD; and others deeds for Units G, E and F, Bld 7 Colonial Park Condos

Kroell, Diane E and Hugh S Jr. to Sikes, Catherine D; Book: 1463, Page: 478, Tax: $209.50; Description: Lot 17 Cinder Hill SD Phase 6 A 17th GMD

Lopez, Luis F to Lopez, Traci Womack; Book: 1464, Page: 249, Tax: Description: Lot 141 Waters Estates Phase 3 1458th GMD

Montoya, James E to Montoya, Chun Hae; Book: 1464, Page: 584, no tax recorded; Description: Lot 77 Arlington Park SD Phase 3 Sec C 17th GMD

Mozley, Katherine A to Espinoza, Jasmine L Jones; Book: 1464, Page: 108, Tax: $100; Description: Lot 45 Pineridge Plantation Phase 2 1458th GMD

Negron, Zenia to Lopez, Luis F; Book: 1464, Page: 47, Tax: $105.40; Description: Lot 141 Waters Estates Phase 3 1458th GMD

Nunley, Cory J and Jami B to Bernard, Richard J; Book: 1464, Page: 727, Tax: $112 Description: Lot 9 Heritage Woods SD Phase I city of Hinesville

Patrick, Gary S to Pinault, Autumn B and Cramer, Daniel; Book: 1464, Page: 72, Tax: $24; Description: Lot 2 Sec L Lake George Inland Lots Old Limerick Plantation SD 1476th GMD

Polk, Jimmy to Lardell, Allen L; Book: 1464, Page: 223, Tax: $124.50; Description: Lot 38 Willowbrook SD Phase I 17th GMD

PS Wells Construction Co to Atkins, Matthew S and Cathy L; Book: 1464, Page: 557, Tax: $27; Description: 2.06 acres Lots 7 and 8 Margaret Place 1756th GMD

Rambharose, Bishnu P to Gibson, Nichole T; Book: 1464, Page: 562, Tax: $65.50; Description: Lot 25 Palmetto Trace SD 1458th GMD

Revis, Christopher L to Mauldin, Craig E and Verlean; Book: 1464, Page: 142, no tax recorded; Description: Lot 3 Towers SD 1458th GMD

Rivera Diaz, Francisco to Lopez, Luis F; Book: 1464, Page: 47, Tax: $105.40; Description: Lot 141 Waters Estates Phase 3 1458th GMD

Salter, Jerry E Jr. to Lairamore, Sidney Bryon; Book: 1464, Page: 74, No tax recorded; Description: 1.308 acres 15th GMD

Smiley, Emory G to Berg, Steven; Book: 1464, Page: 294, Tax: $138.60; Description: 1/2 interest 9 acres 1359th GMD and another deed; Book: 1464, Page: 296, No tax recorded; Description: 7.5 acres 1359th GMD

Smith, James W to Whitman, Larry C and Linda C; Book: 1464, Page: 301, Tax: $50; Description: Lot 8 Hidden Pines SD 17th GMD

Solaman, Anita to Gibson, Nichole T; Book: 1464, Page: 562, Tax: $65.50; Description: Lot 25 Palmetto Trace SD 1458th GMD

Southeastern Commercial Contractors to Jackson, Ditisha K; Book: 1464, Page: 166, Tax: $103.30; Description: Lot 1 Oakview SD Phase I 1458th GMD

Southeastern Commercial Contractors to Gabel, Gregory L; Book: 1464, Page: 443, Tax: $168; Description: Lot 30 Stonehenge SD Phase II 1458th GMD

Steidley, Ronald R to Liang, Qiwan; Book: 1464, Page: 460, Tax: $112; Description: Lot 1 Waterfield SD 1458th GMD

Stuckey, Velma M to Sunbury Co. LLC; Book: 1464, Page: 618, Tax: $62; Description: Tract 1, 4.93 acres 1359th GMD

Tyner, Virginia Burke to Lapinski, Dolores S and Gangler, Roberta L; Book: 1464, Page: 274, Tax: $40; Description: Lots 118 and 119 Isle Of Wight SD 1359th GMD

Winkelmann, Diana K and Joseph C Jr. to Swinson, Isaac H and Yavonda C; Book: 1463, Page: 517, Tax: $194.50; Description: Lot 9 Montclair SD Phase I 1458th GMD
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