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Real estate transfers May 25
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The following warranty deeds were filed with Liberty County Clerk of Court Barry Wilkes’ office between April 27 and May 4. The listings include the names of the sellers and buyers; the book and page where the deed can be found in deed books maintained in the clerk’s office, the transfer tax (which gives you an estimate of the price paid, based on $1 per $1,000) and a description of the property, which may be the subdivision and/or Georgia Militia District where it is located. Refer to the accompanying map for the GMD numbers.

Atkinson, Ernest D Jr. and Rebecca L to Coleman, Bryant K; Book:  1467, Page:  303, Tax:  $121.90; Description:  Lot 153 Hawthorne Sd Phase 4 1458th GMD

Barnett, Lois Ann and Norman to Stanley, Joseph and Shannon; corrective warranty; Book:  1467, Page:  122, no tax recorded; Description:  Two parcels totaling 7.9 acres 1476th GMD

Browning, Anne C and Guy P to Coppock, Lorin G and Dana S; Book:  1466, Page:  644, Tax:  $150; Description:  Unit 200 Bld A Half Moon Landing Condos

Callaham, Jafari Hundozo and Veronika to Cooke, Richard W; Book:  1466, Page:  599, Tax:  $10; Description:  Lot 23 Davidson Sd, .6 of acre 1458th GMD

Cho, Yong Y to Denis, Marjorie; Book:  1467, Page:  178, Tax:  $50; Description:  Lot 27 Blk C Georgina Courts 1458th GMD

Dalziel, Jamie to Renfro, Bonnie and Jimmy Ray; Book:  1466, Page:  620, Tax:  $62.50; Description:  Parcel 2.4, containing 2.5 acres 1476th GMD

Dodd, Gary W to Vanhouten, Kevin G and Vanhouten, Margaret E; Book:  1467, Page:  342, Corrective warranty, no tax recorded; Description:  Lot 1 containing 34,573.5 sq. ft. 17th GMD
Georgia Seacoast Properties Inc. to Brewton, Jackie F; Book:  1467, Page:  290, Tax:  $160; Description:  Lot 9 Sec B Lake George Inland Lots Old Limerick Plantation Sd 1476th GMD

Georgia Southern Home Builders LLC to Jones, Erin L and Marcus J; Book:  1467, Page:  220, Tax:  $119.90; Description:  Unit 4 Bld D Maybank Village Condos

Hart, Lucille Horne to Leggett, Ronald L; Book:  1467, Page:  217, Tax:  $129; Description:  Lot 5 Sec A Mallard Pond Limerick Peninsula Old Limerick Plantation Sd 1476th GMD

Hollingsworth, Linda Carol and Layton Hall Corp. to Lachenmyer, Laura K; Book:  1467, Page:  180, Corrective warranty, no tax recorded; Description:  Lot 17 Lyman Hall Sd Phase 2 1359th GMD

Jack, Trisha and Wendel to 403 Lancaster Loop Trust; Book:  1467, Page:  39, Tax:  $114.10; Description:  Lot 53 Fairington Sd Phase 3 1458th GMD

Meeks, James O to Walton, James C and Jamie R; Book:  1467, Page:  352, Tax:  $36; Description:  Lot 8 Blk G Frazier Acres Sd

Moon, Mann Kwon and Young to Bolden, William A; Book:  1467, Page:  184, Tax:  $181.50; Description:  Lot 37 Arlen Oaks Sd Phase 4 1476th GMD

Prochazka, Jayna Marie and Michael John to Barletto, Joseph; Book:  1466, Page:  552, Tax:  $97; Description:  Lot 9 Blk F Garden Acres Caines Sd 17th GMD

Rambharose, Bishnu P to Brennon, Vernette L and Clyde; Book:  1466, Page:  574, Tax:  $125; Description:  1.50 acres 1892nd GMD

Rodgers, Michael J to Scales, Joseph A Jr; Book:  1467, Page:  42, Tax:  $93.50; Description:  Lot 44 Ridgewood Sd Phase I 17th GMD

Rogers, George L and Sheryl A to Patterson, Jean S and Frank; Book:  1467, Page:  81, Tax:  $170; Description:  Lot 9 Thornbriar Sd Phase 3 17th GMD

SC Sikes LLC and Sikes, Steve C to Rogers, James E II and Angela C; Book:  1466, Page:  602, Tax:  $100; Description:  Lot 27 Bermuda Bluff Sd Containing 1.12 acres 1359th GMD

Sikes, Robert Trevor and Steven Slade to Jones, Erin L and Marcus J; Book:  1467, Page:  220, Tax:  $119.90; Description:  Unit 4 Bld D Maybank Village Condos

Southern Intermediary Services Inc to Stanley, Joseph and Shannon; Book:  1467, Page:  122, Corrective warranty no tax recorded; Description:  Parcels A1 and B containing 8 acres 1476th GMD

Stafford, Jimmy L to Lance, Yong Son; Book:  1467, Page:  182, Tax:  $32; Description:  Lot 17 Lyman Hall Sd 1359th GMD
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