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Slow business closes Rite Aid
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Kelly Hutton walked out of Hinesville Rite Aid with Christmas lights, candy and small trinkets after hearing the local pharmacy store was liquidating.
“It’s almost empty,” Hutton said Tuesday morning. “They’ll probably last maybe a week.”
She wanted to scope out the sales after a friend called her Monday night about the closing. And Hutton did not ask too many questions when she took bagfuls of 50 percent off merchandise to her car.
“Probably not enough business,” said Hutton, guessing why the store closed.
And that is, in fact, why the store is closing, according to a Rite Aid spokesperson.
“They just really kind of looked at the numbers and decided it was best for the company that that store be closed,” said Eric Harkreader, public relations specialist for the Pennsylvania-based company.
It is not a nationwide liquidation.
The Hinesville store closed for a week after its last day of regular operation June 7. Then it reopened this past weekend for liquidation sales.
“At that point, the remaining front end goods — all that is marked down and that will continue until most remaining goods
have been sold,” Harkreader said. “When the majority of the merchandise is gone they just go ahead and close it.”
The pharmacy is already closed and former customers were transferred to Kroger’s.
Rite Aid leases the
building from SFC Hinesville Associates, LLC, whose principals could not be tracked down for this story.
“We’re in a long-term lease so we are actively marketing it, looking for someone to sub-lease,” Harkreader said.
He said it was too soon to tell if another business would move in the space, but mentioned how the building was designed for a retail operation.
“We generally don’t disclose details on our landlord agreements,” Harkreader said.
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