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Sonic crew in service olympics
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OKLAHOMA CITY — The Hinesville Sonic Drive-In crew is one step closer to qualifying for the national finals of the 16th annual Dr Pepper Sonic Games, the competition that recognizes the best Sonic Drive-Ins in the country.
The Hinesville eatery is one of 300 remaining drive-ins striving to become one of the final 12 teams to participate in the competition Sept. 20-21 in Las Vegas.
“The crew should be proud of their hard work and dedication to advance to the top 10 percent of all Sonics in the nation,” said Nelson Taylor, Sonic’s vice president of operations services.
The games give employees a chance to prove which drive-in is the best through team and individual competitions. The nine-month, Olympic-style competition tests the knowledge of Sonic crew members in the categories of “carhop” (food delivery), “fountain” (drink preparation), “switchboard” (service delivery), “dresser” and “grill and swamp” (food preparation).
The games began in January with more than 2,600 enrolled drive-ins. The final 12 teams will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the national finals in Las Vegas, Sept. 20-21, where they will compete to be named the nation’s best drive-in.
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