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Tax extension deadline nearing
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The Oct. 15 extension deadline for filing a 2006 tax return is just around the corner.
“This year, the Internal Revenue Service has a message for more taxpayers than the estimated 200,000 Georgians who requested additional time,” IRS spokesperson Mark Green said.
If you have a phone and your income was below the IRS filing requirements, you may have missed out on the telephone tax refund, and time is running out to request it the easy way: electronically.
Or, you may be among the 29 percent of Georgians who missed out on money owed to them from the one-time telephone tax refund.
Taxpayers who were not required to file a 2006 return can use the simple Form 1040 EZ-T electronically through Oct. 15 to request the telephone tax refund. After Oct. 15, e-filing programs are no longer available. Taxpayers will still be able to request the refund, but will need to use the paper version of the 1040 EZ-T and a postage stamp.
The 1040 EZ-T is exclusively for taxpayers whose income was below the filing requirement – often students and senior citizens — but who still qualify for the telephone tax refund. It takes just minutes to complete. Simply go to, click on the e-file logo, and use Free File to find a software provider offering the 1040 EZ-T.
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