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Tax-free days extended for two years
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Gov. Nathan Deal on Monday signed House Bill 958, legislation that will extend the statewide back-to-school tax-free holiday and ENERGY STAR and WaterSense appliance tax-free holiday weekends for an additional two years.
“The sales-tax holidays will allow Georgia’s families to save money on those necessary items for school and on appliances that will help conserve Georgia’s energy resources,” Deal said. “This tax-reform package has made our state a better place to work and raise a family, and I will continue my commitment to maintaining our status as having one of the lowest per capita taxpayer burdens in the country.”
The fiscal note estimates that over the two-year time period, the two-day back-to-school holiday, taking place this year Aug. 1-2, will save Georgians up to $143 million.
Meanwhile, the energy-efficient household-appliance tax holiday, taking place this year Oct. 3-5, will save taxpayers $2.6 million.

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