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Tax rebate information at local discount store
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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Fred's has launched an effort to help its customers make sure they receive the maximum amount possible on their tax rebate.
The retailer, which has a store in Hinesville, has created a section in their stores that has the materials and information to help customers get the largest rebate for which they are eligible. The section even has a name - "FRED" (Federal Rebate Education Display).
There will be a FRED section in each one of the more than 700 Fred's Stores in the 15 states the company does business.
"We believe 'FRED' can be especially beneficial to our customers," said Bruce A. Efird, president of Fred's. "For example, some may not know how to make sure they receive $300 for each child. We even have the government forms that are needed to apply for a child's Social Security number, which is required to receive the additional $300 per child in this year's rebate program.
"Others may not even realize there is money out there for them to collect, particularly people who do not normally file a tax return," Efird continued. "We have information on that, too."
Fred's operates 700 discount general merchandise stores, including 24 franchised Fred's stores in the southeastern United States. For more information about the company, visit Fred's Web site at
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