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City convening annual workshop
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The Hinesville City Council convened at Jekyll Island this past week for its annual workshop to collaborate on the various strategies for the betterment of the city.
“We developed guiding principles, and developed strategies that would help us attain certain things within the guidelines of those principles we established,” City Manager Billy Edwards said.
According to the records of this year's workshop, some of those guiding principles included creating a mixed-use town center in downtown Hinesville, promoting green space and environmentally responsible development, and creating access to full service health care for everyone in the city.
For the downtown center, the council is interested in actively recruiting restaurants and retail developments to the district, and to perpetuate this plan, the council would support the efforts of the Downtown Development Authority to get it off the ground.
“I think it’s important that we have a vibrant downtown, and the DDA will be instrumental in implementing this plan,” Councilman Charles Frasier said. “The town center would create a congregating place for the community, and since we are continually growing, it would be important to get it in the near future.”
Another of the guiding principles is to create a cleaner and safer community. This would be done by expanding the police, fire and EMS departments, and by implementing a Frank Cochran Drive corridor landscape program.
Frasier believes that it’s important to stay on top of crime, and to be proactive on maintaining an adequate level of security in Hinesville to ensure to the safety of the city’s citizens.
Since the council believes that Hinesville should be the community of choice for just a day or a lifetime, they made it a goal to bring more affordable housing and more comfortable accommodations to the city.
During this week’s council meeting, Jack Shuman took a moment to congratulate some of his peers, including Assistant City Manager Kenny Howard, Sherry Strickland, and City Manager Billy Edwards for organizing the workshop.
David Anderson and Steve Troha followed suit and voiced their optimism toward the workshop, and for the future of Hinesville.
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