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City delays project
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The Hinesville City Council considered some of the finer points in regards to a proposed multi-million dollar shopping center that might begin construction soon on the west side of town.
The 15 acres along Highway 196 and Fifteenth Street could contain a 35,000 sq. ft. Food Lion grocery coupled with a 25,000 sq. ft. retail area called Magnolia Oaks, Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission Chairman Sonny Timmerman said.
The retail area would feature a drug store, restaurants, a bank and other various shops and offices, he added.
During this week’s meeting, the developer, JDH Capital, and the council discussed the site development plan for the layout of the land and structures, City Manager Billy Edwards said.
JDH purchased two parcels (comprising the 15 acres) and sought the council’s permission to subdivide the two parcels into six out-parcels for developmental purposes, Edwards said.
However, the council took issue with how JDH’s new development would alter the traffic patterns of the surrounding streets.
Since the supermarket and retail area would draw more traffic to the site, JDH representative Mark Ball discussed how his company would construct road medians, and additional entrance/exit aprons to effectively redirect the flow of traffic.
Yet the council was leery of approving the road work because Ball was vague on when the construction would start, Edwards said.
The council has dealt with some isolated problems concerning the promises of developers on how exactly they would develop land, he added.
Edwards said the developers at the Wal-Mart location promised a certain amount of access, and still have not fully delivered on those road site plans.
Following a prolonged discussion, no approval was given on JDH’s road plan and council members asked the company to draw up a preliminary plat, which will include a more precise road plan.
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