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City discusses brigade decision reparation
Billy Edwards
City Administrator Billy Edwards - photo by Courier file photo
As Hinesville City Council members, city administrators and employees went into their second day of discussions at their annual workshop on St. Simon’s Island, money dominated the discussion.
The federal government recently announced it would be giving local governments $75 million to help make up for investments entities made to prepare for a fifth brigade on Fort Stewart. The Pentagon decided to not station that unit here and councilmen were anxious to know who would be held accountable for the money and who would be in charge of appropriating it.
According to City Manager Billy Edwards, they’re going to have to wait before any answers become clear.
“The bill hasn’t passed yet, and we don’t know if it’s going to come with any string’s attached,” Edwards said.
City officials know only the money will not be available until at least October, when a new fiscal year starts.
This wasn’t the only budgetary concern for city officials.
According to Edwards, the council members also wanted clarification about the funding of the last two positions that were added to the Liberty Consolidated Planning Committee on behalf of the Fort Stewart Growth Management Partnership.
“They wanted to make sure all the budget items were accounted for,” Edwards said assuring them that they weren’t footing the entire bill for those positions.
“There are about eight entities that all contribute to the LCPC,” Edwards said.
The council and administrators returned to Hinesville on Saturday after the two-day session in which they hashed out a list of their top priorities and issues for the upcoming year.
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