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Club promoter sues 21 Savage for $1 million
21 Savage mugshot.JPG
Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Jospeh a.k.a. 21 Savage mugshot when he was booked into Liberty County jail last month.

On March 8, the club promoter who booked 21 Savage for a concert in 2016 at Bo’maz, filed a $1,000,000 civil suit against the rapper. The suit was filed in Fulton County, Ga where the rapper lives.

According the court documents, Sadaetirs Kent Smith filed a complaint for breach of contract against Savage. She claims that she contracted with Savage to perform at a music event on Sept. 4, 2016 and paid him $16,500. She alleges Savage failed to perform and refused to refund the money he had been paid to perform.

In the suit, Smith claims that the breach of contract caused her to incur damages in an amount totaling $60,000. She is also seeking $1 million for emotional distress and requested a trial by jury.

On Feb. 15, Savage was booked into the Liberty County jail for an outstanding warrant for theft by deception related to the club incident. He was released shortly after being granted a recognizance bond and earlier this month the Liberty County District Attorney’s office rejected the felony case against him.

Due to the rejection, the promoter then re-filed it as a civil case.

“I filed it because no one is talking about that night and he feels because he is a celebrity he can just leave with my money and not be held accountable for what happened,” Smith said. “I hired him and he turned around and left and disappointed me and his fans.”

 She says she now has three aggravated assault charges against her due to firing her gun in the air because fans were upset about Savage not performing. She says he did not check into the hotel that was booked for him and didn’t want to perform when he arrived at the venue. She then says Savage left with his entourage.

“Because he is a celebrity I feel like that’s why he didn’t have a bond and the felony case was rejected,” Smith said. “No one cares about what I’m going through, they only care about 21 Savage.”

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