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County puts off changes to ATV regulations
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Liberty County commissioners considered, but came to no agreement on an ATV ordinance during their April 7 meeting.
County Attorney Kelly Davis answered questions about a draft ordinance modeled after Cherokee County’s ordinance.
“Of course, it doesn’t substitute, but supplements state law,” Davis explained.
The ordinance would give the sheriff a written point of reference to enforce. Commissioners considered having the rules of the road also apply to ATVs.
State law does not allow four-wheelers on state roads or shoulders.
Commissioner Gary Gilliard asked what happens if a four-wheeler needed to cross a road after coming off a trail.
“The driver legally can’t cross,” Gilliard said.
“That’s a little too technical,” Commissioner Pat Bowen said.
As written, the draft ordinance puts restrictions on riders, regardless of age. But that might need to be looked at again.
“You can have a careless 30-year-old and safe 10-year-old,” Gilliard said.
“I know ordinances and the importance of them,” Gilliard said, referring to the effects of outdated ordinances. “And if we’re going to adopt one, we want to make sure it’s not something we’re going to have to go back and change.”
Consensus is still needed regarding riding ATVs on private property and when the vehicles are considered nuisances.
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