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County sets total millage rate
Millage in line with last year's
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There are too many other factors to say yet if the millage rates set Thursday by the Liberty County Commission will cut your property tax bills.
But the 32.93 mills for rural and small city residents, 32.35 in Hinesville, is right in line with last year’s.
As the governing authority, the county commissioners must pass tax resolutions for the hospital, the development authority, the school board, the state and three separate rates for Liberty County.
Hinesville, the county’s other municipalities, and the unincorporated area have different rates because of the state law preventing taxpayers from being charged twice for the same service.
Both Hinesville and the county contribute to such services as the Liberty Consolidated Planning Commission, fire protection and libraries, and last year officials began an effort to set a lower county tax rate for residents of Hinesville to prevent them being double taxed.
In Hinesville, the county tax rate is 32.35 mills. The rate throughout the rest of the county, including the smaller municipalities, is 32.93 mills.
The Liberty County Board of Education kept its millage rate at 15.64, technically an increase because of the value of the digest. The county set its at 11.98 for unincorporated areas and small cities and 11.4 in Hinesville. That’s down a little more than 1 mill.
The LCDA kept its rate at 2 mills, while the hospital authority’s was increased a tenth of a mill to 3.1.
The state receives .025 mills.
The total cumulative millage rates are:
Unincorporated area: 32.93
Incorporated, combined other municipalities: 32.93
Incorporated, Hinesville: 32.35.
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