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County's delinquent taxpayers on notice
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Liberty County officials are currently corralling the 10 percent of the public who are delinquent in paying their property taxes.
Since Feb. 20, delinquent Liberty County taxpayers are under the microscope, and they will soon be leaned on to hand over their payments as the waiting period on the first round of delinquency notices is about to expire.  
Ten percent is typically an average number of people who have not paid their taxes, and it is for a variety of reasons, Tax Commissioner Virgil Jones said.
Out of this percentile, six percent are knowingly delinquent, two percent are unaware they need to pay and one to two percent consisted of taxes that cannot be collected because the house or business no longer exists, he said.

“Some of these people will not pay until we stick a for-sale sign in their yard, and until we advertise the sale of their house. Most pay after receiving the notice, and others will wait the day before their house is about to be sold. It can be a frustrating process, but we need to fully collect on these taxes," he said.
Since this kind of neglect is anticipated, the county budget is still on the mark, Chief Financial Officer Kim McGlothlin said.
“Mr. Jones and I keep in contact during this process, and I make any necessary adjustments to keep the budget balanced,” she said.

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