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Crime blotter Oct. 9: Suspicious acts: - A tale of pills, pet abuse and a dead snake
Police blotter

From Hinesville Police Department incident reports:

Battery: Young and foolish fighting in the park – On Sept. 25, Hinesville police responded to a call about a fight at a neighborhood park. An older man told police some young men were in the park and drew his son into a fight. As a result, his son’s forearm was dislocated. The father went to the park, told the young men he was calling the police and they dispersed. He recognized one of the men, according to the police report. The father’s wife observed part of the fight and corroborated his statement. The son did not wish to make a statement to officers. The responding HPD officer wrote in the report that the son had been involved in a previous altercation and theorized it might have led to the fight in the park. 

Suspicious acts: A tale of pills, pet abuse and a dead snake – Officers responded to a woman’s home after 911 received a call from an anonymous complainant. The complainant alleged the woman was threatening to take pills in a suicide attempt and was abusing her dog. This complainant was not cooperative with dispatchers and insisted they did not know the woman, according to the police report. Once on scene, police spoke to the woman who told officers she was sleeping and had never threatened to harm herself. HPD officers also observed that the woman’s dog appeared to be in good health. The woman told police she believed the complainant was her neighbor who had allegedly called 911 in an attempt to harass her. The woman stated she and the neighbor had a dispute in the past. She also told police she believed this same neighbor put a dead snake on her porch earlier in the day and that other neighbors told her this neighbor had bragged about doing so. 

Burglary not in progress: Stolen hospital meds – On Sept. 25, a Hinesville police officer responded to a call regarding stolen medicines from a medicine cart at a local hospital. One of the hospital employees told the officer a medical driver informed her when she arrived at work that morning that a back door to a supply room was open. When she entered the room she noticed one of the medicine carts was unsecured, according to the incident report. The employee told police the cart is always locked after hours with a pad lock and that she observed the locking mechanism had been pried open and the lock used to secure the cart’s locking mechanism was missing. The officer viewed video footage and stated in the incident report that the suspect was first seen on camera at 4 a.m., and appeared to be a stocky young African American man with a short hair style.  The officer reported the suspect was seen in the video as leaving the supply room at 4:16 a.m. Hospital employees told police the suspect could not have come in through the hospital hallway because a passcode or key card is needed for entry. A nurse supplied police with an itemized list of missing medications.

Simple battery and possession of marijuana: Don’t fuss with your significant other or smoke pot when at a nice hotel in Georgia – Shortly before midnight on Sept. 26, police responded to a local hotel regarding a couple arguing. The woman told police she and her partner had been arguing. She claimed that when she turned into the hallway to exit the hotel room and demanded he give her the car key he threw the key at her, striking her in the back of her head. The woman told police she felt lightheaded when the key struck her. EMS arrived on scene and checked the woman’s head. They told police the woman did appear to have a knot on her head from being struck by some object. Police also spoke with a hotel employee who told officers she saw the man grab the woman by the hair to drag her back into the hotel room. The employee also saw the woman get hit with the key. The man did admit to police that he threw the key at the woman striking her in the back of the head. The woman also claimed her partner told her she would go to jail because he planted drugs in her vehicle during the period of time she had called police. She told officers her partner placed items in the vehicle when she was in the lobby to call police. The front desk clerk told police that statement was not accurate. The clerk told officers the woman said something like, “Call the law, you know we both have drugs with us.” The woman consented to allow police to search her vehicle and they allegedly found a black bag with clear Sterilite boxes containing drug paraphernalia, reportedly enough for the use of two people, and a bag of a green leafy substance. Police reported the black bag was found on the driver’s seat. Once drug investigators arrived and spoke to the man, he admitted that he and the woman had smoked marijuana that morning. Police placed the couple under arrest and charged him for simple battery/FVA and possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce and charged her for possession of marijuana less than 1 ounce.

Death investigation: Man tells police his wife shot herself. On Sept. 28 at about 7:48 p.m., an officer responded to a report of a gunshot wound at a home on the 200 block of Topi Trail. When the officer arrived at the home, he knocked loudly and tried to open the glass storm door in front of the door, but it appeared to be locked. Dispatch informed the officer the husband would not open the door and that it should be open. The officer stated the glass storm door was locked, and he had to break the glass with his baton in order to make entry. Once the police officer entered the home, he found the husband in the hallway near the front door. He directed the officer to the master bedroom where his wife was located. The officer entered the bedroom and saw the man’s wife lying across the bed with a small revolver near her leg. He also observed a gunshot wound to the side of her head. The husband was on the bed, crying over his wife. Another officer arrived, and stood by as EMS arrived on scene to transport the wife to a local hospital where she was later pronounced dead. The initial officer spoke to the husband, according to the incident report. The man told police he and his wife were arguing and he said he had considered getting a hotel room for the night. The man said his wife came into the spare bedroom, where he had retreated, and she told him she hated her life and stated that he did not love her. The man told police his wife left the spare bedroom and went back inside the master bedroom. While the man was still inside the spare bedroom, he told officers, he heard a loud bang come from the master bedroom. He claimed when he ran into the bedroom he found his wife lying on the bed with a gunshot wound to her head. The husband called 911 and remained in the room until police arrived, according to the incident report.

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