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Curfew for Long County starts 6 p.m. tonight
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UPDATE 11:20 p.m. Wednesday, Sept. 4: Just got word that a curfew will be in place for Long County residents from 6 p.m. tonight until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. This is to ensure vehicles stay off the roads and stay safe.

Here is the complete release from the Long County Sheriff's Office:

SEPTEMBER 4th, 2019

Wednesday morning, at 9:00 a.m., Sheriff Craig Nobles and Sheriff’s Office Staff met with other Long County Government Representatives, School Officials, and Public Safety employees in the Long County Courtroom. The Georgia National Guard also provided LNO Representatives during the meeting.

During the briefing, final preparations were discussed for the arrival of severe weather conditions and wind.

If you are planning to remain in your home, you should be finalizing the purchase of needed supplies, and completing preparations for the arrival of the first effects of tropical storm force winds. Charge your phones and devices now. Visibility is expected to be lower than normal, and parts of Long County may experience 60+ mile per hour wind.

The Sheriff’s Office has been preparing for the arrival of this severe weather system for the past week. Although we are hoping for lower wind speeds, resulting in less damage and local impact, we are not taking the potential of this storm lightly. You should not either.

Sheriff Nobles will implement a curfew beginning at 6:00 p.m. tonight, September 4th, 2019. This curfew places a limitation on non-essential travel. Please attempt to have returned to the safety of your home, by that time. There is great concern that you could be prevented from returning home, after the onset of high winds, due to outdoor dangers such downed power lines, closed roads, and flying debris.

Medical and hospital personnel, home health care and hospice employees, nursing home staff, essential (credentialed) personnel at FSGA, Public Safety, Public Utility crews, and Military Members traveling in Military vehicles, are all exempt from the Curfew, as well as those traveling due to a bonafide emergency. Law Enforcement Officers may require verification from motorists, and request to conduct random searches of vehicles, which will result in brief delays for travelers. Sheriff Nobles is requesting that you use good judgment, in determining the need to travel during the curfew, and thanks you in advance for your compliance and cooperation during this State of Emergency.

This curfew is expected to in place for 24 hours, but may be lifted earlier, depending upon conditions that allow resumption of normal travel and recovery from the effects of the storm. Information about the decision to lift the curfew will be provided as soon as possible.

If Long County roadways are not cleared for safe travel, and electrical power has not been restored to the majority of the County, the curfew may be extended. Sheriff Nobles will contact local volunteers and equipment owners if they are needed to assist in the initial recovery process.

The Sheriff's Office has already issued a statement regarding unlawful activities which unfortunately accompany Voluntary and Involuntary Evacuations, and loss of power.

The Sheriff’s Office has generators standing by for use, and Long County Deputies will remain on duty. The Sheriff’s Office will not lose radio and Law Enforcement communications. The Wiregrass 911 Center is designed to withstand severe weather. An Emergency Operations Center has been established.

We are planning for intensive, coordinated patrolling and surveillance of subdivisions, neighborhoods, and mobile home parks. Deputies will be on the look out to deter crime.

Unmarked Law Enforcement vehicles will be utilized during the next two days, and the follow on recovery efforts. Federal and State Law Enforcement Officers are staging to assist the Sheriff's Office. Georgia National Guard Soldiers are staged at Fort Stewart, and plans are in place to bring Military Vehicles and Assets into the recovery phase.

Neighborhood watches are recommended, and we are asking residents to pay attention to the homes within your immediate area. Please notify 911 or the Sheriff's Office if suspicious activities are observed. Our priority during the next few days will be to preserve life. The Sheriff's Office is also committed to protecting property, and the rule of law.

Sheriff Nobles intends to keep the Safety and Peace of Long County during this storm period, just as we do at all other times. The weather and storm will not prevent the arrest and transportation of looters, thieves, or those committing illegal acts. Sheriff Nobles has coordinated for the detention and housing of violators in jails throughout South East Georgia areas. Retrieving offenders from jail facilities for bonding, and Court, will not be a priority.

Please empty and tether your poly-cart to a deep ground stake, or other secure point. Consider storing your poly-cart inside a shed or building, or partially filling your poly-cart with water, near a structure. These trash containers can be caught by the wind, causing damage to your home, vehicles, or buildings, if not secured. Poly-carts which have been blown into the roadways will also present dangers to Public Safety personnel such as Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue, EMS, and Georgia National Guard Soldiers who are assisting in the response to emergency situations or the recovery process.
Store or tether all outdoor property, such as grills, tents, flags, and decorative items. These items can become airborne, and fly into windows during the storm. Consider placing your grill, patio furniture and tents inside your home or garage.

Water-proof items, such as plastic chairs, and patio items, can be placed in a pool to keep them from flying away or into adjacent properties.

We know that many residents have purchased, and intend to utilize electrical generators to alleviate the loss of power during the anticipated electrical outage.

Generators are a excellent idea to provide security, some comfort, and normality while Public Utilities are being repaired and restored. However, improper use of generators can lead to the loss of life, electrocution injuries, severe burns, home fires, and extensive damage. If your home’s main breaker is not turned to the off position or removed, your generator will energize any power line that has not been severed in your neighborhood or community. People often forget to throw the main breaker on the service panel and send electricity outside the house, onto the grid and through a transformer, which steps up the electricity (instead of stepping it down like it would normally). Anyone coming into contact with a downed wire, or working on the grid can be injured or killed by that electricity. This presents a very real danger to Georgia Power Company and Electrical Co-Operative employees. If the generator is providing power when normal electricity is restored, and your main breaker has not been properly turned off, the result is usually a house fire. If you don’t have the correct hardware, equipment,or knowledge to safely connect your generator to the residence, please do not connect it to the wall socket or home wiring. Using the wrong gauge, length, or a worn out wire can also be dangerous, and is a fire hazard.

Carbon monoxide gases produced by combustion engines that are not vented properly can be fatal. The exhaust is an air poison, which is colorless, odorless, and tasteless, but highly toxic. Proper ventilation while generator(s) are in use, is crucial. Generators should always be left outside the home, ideally in a dry location. Monitor the generator frequently, and ensure that the exhaust is not being concentrated in a closed area, carport, or corner. Your pets are to be kept away from the generator, at all times. Keep them safe and well protected, during the next 24 hours.

We are continuing to work within Long County to ensure your safety, and to facilitate a rapid recovery from this storm.

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