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District 5 seat will change hands
Kenny Fussell not seeking re-election
Kenny Fussell1
Kenny Fussell
Gary Gilliard, and any other candidates who qualify to run for Liberty County Commission District 5 seat, will not have to face an incumbent seeking re-election.
Commissioner Kenny Fussell has announced he will not run again this year, nor seek any other office.
"I've got financial, business dealings," the twice-elected Hinesville resident said. "I have got family stuff I've got to deal with."
He pointed out his son will turn 13 soon and his 25-year-old daughter is about the get married.
Fussell comes from a family with political traditions that also developed furniture and rental property businesses. Until being elected, Fussell ran a bond business as well as the family businesses.
He's trying to help develop a boat storage business in the east end of the county, but denied he's quitting the commission because he lives out there.
"I got a place on the coast," Fussell said. "I've also got a place in Costa Rica. But I spend most of my time here," referring to his Hinesville home.
There has been some speculation that he would run for commission chairman this year, but denied that, though he left the door open.
"I got something in mind in the future," he said.
"I've enjoyed representing the 5th district," Fussell said. "We've gotten a lot of things done, but there was lot more could have.
This year he is acting as vice chairman under a plan implemented by Chairman John McIver that rotates the position every year.
Though Fussell has stood for election twice, he's served only six years. An ordinance that started staggering commission terms called for half the seats to be filled for only two years in 2002. All commission terms area now for four years, but only half of the seats are filled every two years.
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