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E-911 center to bring 9 jobs to Long
MR Long 911 June
Bobby Walker, Frank Middleton and Mary Ann Odum attended at the June E-911 meeting. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
The Long County E-911 Committee had its monthly meeting last Wednesday, where members discussed the number of jobs the Wiregrass Communication Center would bring to Long and McIntosh counties.
According to Long County Commissioner Bobby Walker the plan for now is for the center to offer nine positions. There will be eight dispatcher/radio operators and one director heading up the center. Four of the dispatcher/radio operators would be from McIntosh County and four would come from Long County. The director position would be an at-large position.
Walker and committee member Mike McGowan also discussed the need for all county residents to mark their addresses on their homes and mailboxes as soon as possible. The address should be marked with reflective, three-inch letters and numbers on both sides of mailboxes. Questions about address labeling can be directed to the commissioner’s office at 545-2143.
GeoComm’s Ron Bloom also reported at the meeting that the WireGrass Communication Center is still scheduled to be finished by the end of October. According to Bloom, the walls are up at the center and “things are going along well and moving forward.”
Walker also said the installation of road signs in Long County has been coming along nicely for the past two or three months. He estimates that around 75 percent of the signs have already been placed.
Bloom also reported that a request has been issued for bids on the mapping and computer-aided dispatch equipment. According to Bloom, this is the equipment that will provide the information to the E-911 dispatchers regarding a caller’s location.
Following up on the May meeting, the group discussed and approved a new radio tower at the communication center site.  
The next meeting is at 3 p.m. July 29 at the Long County Courthouse.
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