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Accreditation panel visits Long schools
Dr Robert Waters Long Superintendent
Dr. Robert Waters - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
The Long County school system went through its Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools review Oct. 26-28, and, according to Superintendent Dr. Robert Waters, the system did well.
“We won’t know the official results for a few weeks, but from everything that I was told, our system looked really good,” he said.
According to the superintendent, the accreditation process involves a SACS committee visiting the schools and validating a self-study provided by the system, which ensures the system is in compliance with all standards.
Waters said the committee spends three days validating the report provided by the school system. Panel members interview school personnel, students, community members, parents and board of education members.
“In order for our system to earn and maintain our accreditation, we must meet the advanced standards, engage in a process of continuous improvement and demonstrate quality assurance through internal and external review,” Waters said.
Generally, he said, the SACS committee does not release a lot of information, but school officials did learn the system excelled in one category, “engaging in a process of continuous improvement.”  Waters said he was told the system’s progress was reflected in all of the interviews conducted by the SACS committee.
The superintendent said the school does need to improve its offerings of fine arts classes.
“I think the review went excellent and it was only successful due to the hard work from everyone involved — the students, teachers, para pros, parents, board members, community members, everyone,” Waters said.
Members of the SACS steering committee were Glen Purcell, Kathy Simmons, Donna Rosenbaum, Terri Hrisac-Godding, Lee Bratten, Bridget Welch, Megan Mobley, David Edwards, Vicky Wells, Dolores Mallard and Waters.    
Community members who were on the parent/community committee were Kelly Clary, Beverly Johnson, Charlene Williams, Norma Cisneros, William Miller, Terri Kennedy, Art Carter, Eloisa Moger, Christy Wingate, Ann Little, Annie Morris, John Long and Patricia Durham.
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