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BI has second scholarship finalist
Natalie Sharp
Natalie Sharp - photo by Photo by Lauren Hunsberger
Bradwell Institute senior Natalie Sharp, at 16, is one of the youngest in her class, but her age isn’t reflected in her stellar academic record. Sharp recently made the semi-finalist list for the National Merit Scholarship.
Regarding her young age, the student said she did not skip a grade.
“I’m magic,” she laughed. “No, I started school in Maryland when I was three.”
A creative spirit, the poet, avid reader and writer, plans to attend college next fall and study English, although she joked that she can’t even legally make her own decisions yet.  
Sharp’s never been one to let her age hold her back. She said she was published in the “Anthology of Poems by Young Americans” when she was in fourth grade.
As for the subjects and forms of her writing, she said it always changes.
“It really depends on what I’m feeling at the time,” Sharp said of her poetry and essays.
Although she hasn’t decided where she wants to go to college (she’s currently thinking about both the University of Chicago and Armstrong Atlantic State University) she said knows she’ll be going for English.
“I know where my strengths lie,” Sharp said.
And after college, she has plans to stay within language arts.
“I’ve considered teaching,” she said, but also is thinking about going into journalism.
Sharp will find out whether she is a scholarship recipient sometime in February and plans
on applying for other scholarships and awards as well.
She credits her large family, which includes four siblings, for encouraging her at a young age to pick up reading as a hobby, one that is now paying off in a major way. She also said she encountered a few special English teachers throughout her education who helped her become a better writer and develop her own sense of style.

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