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BoE signs off on construction projects
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The Liberty County Board of Education closed out two more capital projects Tuesday and recognized outgoing board member Charlie Frasier.
The meeting was Frasier’s final meeting in office, as Carolyn Smith-Carter will fill his role effective Jan. 1.
Board Chairwoman Lily Baker recognized Frasier’s time in service.
“We appreciate what you’ve done,” Baker said.
“It takes a lot to be a member of the board of education,” Superintendent Dr. Judy Scherer said. “A lot of time, a lot of energy and a lot of dedication, and we certainly appreciate your service to Liberty County.”
The board closed out the Performing Arts Center renovation with no discussion.
The final project cost was $1,925,376.36, with Altman+Barrett receiving $457,468 for labor, materials and equipment. The amount was $33,376 more than the original contract sum.
When discussing the close-out for Olvey Field stadium reconstruction phase 2, board member Carol Guyett said she had concerns about the completion.
“I knew there were issues that needed to be resolved, and the response was it would be under warranty…,” she said, elaborating that she did not think a warranty kicked in until after the project has been closed out with all items complete to satisfaction.
Guyett noted some cracks in the brickwork and expressed reluctance to close a project that she was not satisfied with.
Altman + Barrett architect Walter Altman told Guyett that the work should be complete the following day.
Frasier suggested they approve the closeout contingent upon completion of the work.  
The board approved close-out contingent upon completion, with a final amount of $6,884,107 — $138,391 more than the original contract.
After the meeting, Altman said the repair to brick-and-mortar control joints was about a two-day job, and Pinnacle Prime Contractors already had begun working and would be done Wednesday.
The board also lightened its list of must-approve items as previously requested.
A memo from Assistant Superintendent Jason Rogers recommended that staff be allowed to approve requests for fundraisers, facilities use, long-term substitutes and out-of-state travel.  
Board member Becky Carter said she was OK with staff handling all but out-of-state travel requests.
“I think we need to have a part in that, especially with the economy and finances where they are,” Carter said.
Members Marcia Anderson, Charlie Frasier, Harold Woods and Guyett agreed. Vice Chairwoman Verdell Jones was not present.
Baker added that she did not want to relinquish authorization for facilities use.
The board authorized staff to oversee long-term substitute and fundraiser requests.
The next meeting is 5:30 p.m. Jan. 15.

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