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BoE updated on post school
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The Liberty County Board of Education called an emergency meeting with Col. Todd Milton on Wednesday night after many of the board members voiced a desire to talk with the garrison commander about the terms of the lease for a new middle school on Fort Stewart.
“Some of their verbiage was different than ours,” LCSS Chairman Lily Baker said regarding the 50-year lease and memorandum of understanding. “We’re just trying to get through the verbiage. The meeting was just to help clarify things.”
Baker said the board members want to make sure they understand any developments regarding the investment.

“It’s the taxpayer’s money and we’re just trying to make sure it used in the best way possible,” she said.
The lease is currently in the Army JAG Corps offices on Fort Stewart and the school is still on track for a fall 2010 opening.
The board members also wanted to quell a rumor during the meeting. They asked Milton about word that there were possibly plans for a new high school on Fort Stewart.
“He looked me in the eye and said ‘it’s not happening’,” Baker said.
Superintendent Dr. Judy Scherer agreed, saying there are no plans from the LCSS to construct or help construct a third high school anywhere in the area.
“At some point in the future there could be an additional high school,” she said. “But there would have to be significant growth. We’re down 800 students this year from last year.”
“If the DoD were to build a high school and take our students from the district, that would negatively impact us,” Scherer said.

Additional reporting by Denise Etheridge.

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