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Bradwell, NMSI show students the money
AP students, teachers recognized for achievements
Bradwell Institute students and faculty members, LCSS central office administrators and representatives from the National Math and Science Initiative pose after Thursday's check presentation in the school's cafeteria. - photo by Photo by Jeremy McAbee

Students often are told that education is an investment that will pay off in the future. For 48 Bradwell Institute students, though, time spent studying is beginning to pay off now — quite literally.

BI, in conjunction with the National Math and Science Initiative, held a ceremony Thursday to present checks to students who earned qualifying scores on advanced placement exams last spring.

According to NMSI Director Debbee Reynolds-Johnsen, Bradwell is in the second year of a three-year grant meant to bolster the school’s AP program. As an incentive, the grant affords students the opportunity to earn $100 per qualifying score of 3 or higher on AP exams.

“We’re here to show them the money,” Reynolds-Johnsen said of Thursday’s event. “That $100 looks exciting to them because it’s really fun, but the real payoff … is in the preparation for college.”

Reynolds-Johnsen explained that students who take AP courses and score qualifying marks on the exams actually can earn college credit while still in high school.

“We have people who leave Bradwell with a big part of their first year of college already done before they walk out the door on graduation day, because they have worked hard throughout their years at Bradwell, throughout the AP program,” BI Principal Scott Carrier said. “They’ve earned as many credits as they possibly can.”

Junior Caleb Sanker can attest to both payoffs. Not only did he receive a check for his qualifying AP exam scores, but Sanker said that he already has earned one semester’s worth of college credit via AP courses.

“I took (AP) European history, government and biology last year as a sophomore,” he said, adding that he’s currently enrolled in AP U.S. history and plans on taking calculus, chemistry and one more AP course next year.

Sanker said he plans on having one year of college credit done by the time he graduates Bradwell.

Fellow BI student Kyle Corrigan received special recognition for earning a score of 3 or higher on three separate exams, which Carrier said “doesn’t happen too often, because there aren’t too many AP offerings.”

“Participating in NMSI sets you apart from your colleagues, not only in this school system, but across this state and the nation,” LCSS Superintendent Dr. Valya Lee told the students. “Not every student has the capacity nor the desire to trudge on even when times are challenging.”

AP teachers also were recognized for their efforts in leading their students above and beyond the normal curriculum requirements. Part of the NMSI AP grant program includes Saturday tutoring sessions, which students and teachers attend along with outside consultants and mentors. AP teachers also spend a number of summer days at additional training while their colleagues enjoy time off.

“As proud as we are of all of you, we all recognize and understand that without your teachers, this wouldn’t be possible,” Carrier said before presenting checks to the educators.

Teachers were rewarded based on the number of their students who earned qualifying scores.

“These are teachers who have given up their own time with their families so that they can ensure that you have the best education possible and be exposed to programs of this type,” Lee said.

Students who graduated in May will receive their checks by mail. Students and teachers who were recognized include:

Students: Carl Abadam, Amberlee Allmond, Keyana Boone, Carleigh Buck, Kyle Corrigan, McKaylin Darsey, Jenifer Delaney, Brandon Edwards, Sontaja Gordon, Jordan Graham, Melissa Hawkins, Heligh Hawkins, Lily-Ann Huerd, Nathanel Johns, Latonya Jones, Alexis Keith, Rebekah Kim, Taylor Kirby, Jessica Lee, Devyn Lewis, Joslyn Lopes, Miriam Madison, Aliah-Kei Manglona, Kaylani Manglona, Dorian Manning, Lyan Marin-Rodriguez, Robert Miller, Tatiana Mojica, Laryn Montgomery, Marquise Morgan, Ajile Owens, Tanya Pierre, Keith Porter, Jessica Puckett, Junwei Ren, Zhenni Ren, John Riddle, Sage Sammons, Caleb Sanker, Chelsi Shutts, Corrina Simpson, Dylan Stephens, Huy Tran, Donna Villadar, Harmony Wallace, Sarah Whited, Patience Wright and Precious Wright

Teachers: Tonya Dill, Susan Nobles, Thomas Thornton, Bobby Tanner, Lea Anna Bailey and Tori Lewis

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