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Georgia SAT scores rank 46th in nation
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Georgia’s 2007 high school seniors held their ground versus the nation on the SAT.  
The College Board’s annual SAT report has been released, indicating many of Georgia’s minority students continue to score as well as — or better — than their peers.  
“Georgia’s high school seniors kept pace with the nation on the SAT last year, which is good news,” State Superintendent of Schools Kathy Cox said. “Of course, we won’t be satisfied until Georgia is a leader in SAT performance.”
The state’s average SAT score was 1,472 in 2007. Like the entire nation, Georgia saw a drop in its SAT scores in 2007. Georgia’s score dropped 5 points from the previous year, while the nation fell 7 points to 1,511.
Georgia’s relative rank in the nation was 46th, the same as last year.
Other highlights of the report
• High participation on the SAT, overall, and high participation among minority students.
• Georgia’s minority students scored at or above the national average of their peers.
About 69 percent of Georgia’s seniors took the SAT, the 13th highest participation rate in the nation. Over 59,500 Georgia seniors took the SAT, an increase of more than 2 percent from 2006. Georgia is one of 24 “high participation states” with more than 48 percent of its seniors taking the test in 2007.
More than 26 percent of Georgia's test-takers were African-American, the highest participation of any state. More than 15,550 African-American students took the SAT, up 6.6 percent from 2006. That represents more than one-tenth of all African-American SAT test takers nationwide.
Georgia also saw participation among Hispanic students increase more than 17 percent in 2007.
At or above the nation
Cox said, “Not only are Georgia’s minority students taking the SAT in record numbers, they are performing at or above the national average for their subgroup.”
African-American students in Georgia scored 1,286, just one point below the national average for African-American students. Georgia’s African-Americans have the 11th highest score among the 24 high participation states.
Georgia’s Hispanic students scored an average of 1,425, well above the 1,370 average score for Hispanic students nationwide. Georgia’s Hispanic students have the 7th highest score among high participation states.

SAT and math
Once again, mathematics was the portion of the test where Georgia’s students struggled the most compared to the nation.
The Georgia Performance Standards in Mathematics are rigorous, focused and logical. The math standards not only teach students how to do mathematics, but show them how it is applied in the real world.
The GPS in Mathematics has been rolled out in middle school grades and will be introduced to 9th graders for the first time next school year. The high school curriculum will be phased in one grade at a time until 2012. For more information on the new math curriculum, go to
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