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Liberty students' ACT scores lag behind state's
Judy Scherer KEEP
Dr. Judy Scherer - photo by File photo
College-bound high school seniors aren’t wasting any time gearing up for standardized admissions tests, such as the ACT and SAT. And their hard work is paying off.
Georgia high school students have shown a slight improvement in scores from last year, according to a recent news release from Gov. Sonny Purdue’s office.
Forty-four percent of Georgia’s 2010 graduating seniors took the test and had an average composite score of 20.7, compared with the 20.6 scored by the class of 2009.  
The Liberty County School System, however, did not fare as well as the rest of Georgia. The system’s composite score was 18.8, according to ACT’s official report to the district.
Nationally, the composite score was 21.
The 2010 LCSS composite results for each category tested are as follows: English composition 17.9; mathematics 19; reading 19; science 19.
However, Georgia is jumping up in ranks when it comes to higher testing scores.
“Georgia seniors were tied for 34th on the ACT, up from 40th in 2009 and 47th in 2005,” the governor’s release read.
Liberty County Superintendent Dr. Judy Scherer said in an e-mail that teachers will continue to implement the Georgia performance standards and challenge students to excel on the ACT.  She also stressed the importance of parental guidance when exam time rolls around. 
“Parents are critical in encouraging their students to take the more rigorous courses (such as advanced, honors and AP) and academic courses to enhance their skills,” Scherer said.
Bradwell Institute graduation coach Lea Bailey also encourages parents to stay involved. 
“Ask questions,” Bailey said. “Encourage the student to develop good, consistent study habits. Sit down with the student and utilize those online resources and practice booklets from guidance together.” She also recommends students sign up for the SAT/ACT preparation courses.
First Presbyterian Christian Academy had a composite score of 23.8, higher than the state average, but only had four students who tested.
Bradwell Institute had an overall composite score of 20 for the 64 students tested.
Liberty County High School had a composite score of 19.4 for the 114 students who took it.
The best way to prepare for college entrance exams is for students to take rigorous high school courses, according to ACT’s website, Students who take math classes beyond the requirements tend to be more prepared than their peers, according to the site.
Tenth-graders also can start building testing skills by taking the PLAN test, a practice ACT exam used to gauge how well a student may do on the actual exam.
Scherer also suggested students enroll in study programs and use guides available on the ACT website or from school guidance counselors or graduation coaches.

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