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Maintenance director retires
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It’s good thing Rick Evans says he “thrives on stress” because his job as director of maintenance for Liberty County schools had plenty of it.
Evans recently retired from his post after 10 years of overseeing all the buildings and land owned by the Liberty Board of Education, which includes 14 school buildings and 20 additional sites.
Along with his staff of 22 employees and a few contractors, Evans kept the schools’ operational. He said one of his priorities was keeping the children cool.
“Air conditioning is extremely important in the South,” Evans said.
He also focused a lot of attention on keeping the buildings safe for children.
“Safety is paramount,” Evans said. “My main priority was making sure the kids are safe.”
Whether he was dealing with bats flying around in a cafeteria or investigating calls about an alligator in an elementary school’s pond, it’s not hard to see why Evans stayed busy.
“You name it, we saw it,” Evans said.
Other tasks included fixing broken plumbing (his No. 1 complaint), dealing with hardware problems and building maintenance, checking up on sprinklers, and inspecting fire alarms, just to name a few.
As hectic as his job might sound, however, Evans said that’s exactly what he’ll miss most.
“Really, I’ll miss the stress,” Evans said. “I’m going to miss all the activity. I always had 40 or 50 things going on at one time.”
So what will Evans do now that he can take a break from toilets and sprinklers?
“I haven’t been fishing in years,” Evans said. He also said he would love to be able to take his wife and three daughters to Ireland.
No matter what he decides to do now, it’s safe to say he’ll be anything but idle.
“I’m not the type to sit,” Evans said.
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