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Sock hop hurray!
Students learn to twist like they did last century. - photo by Photo provided.
One hundred twenty-five students in kindergarten through 2nd grade at Joseph Martin Elementary School took a trip back in time Jan. 8 to a sock hop to celebrate their Accelerated Reader accomplishments.
The goal was for students to earn an 80 percent quiz average and a designated number of points per grade level.
Students shed their shoes and danced at the sock hop with their parents, Principal Sue Tolley, teachers and media specialist Elaine Walker. Favorites like the "Hokey Pokey" and "The Bunny Hop" were big hits. Periodically the music would stop and students would freeze in place while names were drawn for a book give away.
Seventy-two third-fifth graders also earned a sock hop of their own for keeping an 80 percent quiz average and earning the required number of points per grade level.
Each nine weeks, students who reach their Accelerated Reader goals are rewarded at Joseph Martin Elementary. Students who reach their goals for the third nine weeks will be invited to an ice cream social.

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