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Student earns Color Rocks Foundation honor
Nicholas Carter, a senior at Liberty County High School, recently was honored by the Colored Rocks Foundations.

Nicholas Carter of Liberty County High School is one of 12 seniors to be honored last month by the Colored Rocks Foundation at the Carter Presidential Center in Atlanta.
This was the third year the foundation has awarded the Colored Rocks Prize to outstanding ethnic male students. As a condition of his award, Carter has committed to helping develop other high-risk students to encourage their high-school graduation.
Carter’s honor comes a year after another LCHS alum, Donnie Pullium, was recognized. Carter said he spoke to Pullium about the award.
“He said it was a great organization, and I liked the idea of embracing African-American culture and being enriched as an African-American,” Carter said. “Winning the award means I’ve taken a step in improving the lives of African-Americans and thus improving our future.”
Carter outlined his improvement plan while describing his Colored Rocks project.
“Teachers complain that boys at our local elementary school aren’t behaving well. So we’re going to have a ‘guys’ camp’ at that school and teach them how to behave and how to succeed,” he said.
Carter is president of his senior class at LCHS and recently was selected to become a member of the Young Adult Liberty Leaders. He plans to attend Georgia Southern University and study electrical engineering.
Since its inception three years ago, the Colored Rocks Foundation has awarded $10,000 in funds to previous recipients, recognized 30 of Georgia’s outstanding students who personally helped more than 200 at-risk students improve their path to high-school graduation, and inspired hundreds more with peer-to-peer counseling and success tips.

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