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Teens tour U.S. with drum, bugle corps
Ed drm and bugle
Lauren Faircloth and Patrick Farace
Special to the Courier

Two youths from Hinesville, Patrick Farace and Lauren Faircloth, returned home Aug. 12 after participating this summer with Teal Sound, which is a Division II Drum and Bugle Corps with Drum Corps International.
They auditioned with more than 300 other youth to make the cut of approximately 130 to be accepted into the corps for this summer’s tour.
In addition to weekend camps in Jacksonville from December to June, they competed with other DCI corps as they toured the country from Jacksonville to Niagara Falls, and then back to Florida before beginning the second leg of the trip across the lower part of the United States.
They ended the tour in Pasadena, Calif where they competed Aug. 11 in the DCI World Championships with corps from around the country and Japan.
Teal Sound, won third place in its division, and the Spirit of Disney award.
They endured many hours of rehearsals, sleeping on buses and gym floors, and even trips to the emergency room via ambulance, but they say it was worth it.
To learn more about Teal Sound, DCI and the youths’ summer, visit their Web sites and for more information.
Teal Sound’s home page will summarize the season.
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