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Flemington gives 30K to local non-profits
Flemington 1

On Tuesday, Sept. 29, the City of Flemington presented four local non-profit organizations with checks totaling $30,000 to be used to meet some of the hardship demands local individuals and families are experiencing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Mayor Paul Hawkins and Councilwoman Rene’ Harwell presented Mr. Jim McIntosh from the Georgia Homeless Coalition with a check for $12,000. They also presented Dr. Timothy Byler with three checks of $6,000 each on behalf of three organizations; Believe in the Nu Yu, The Puzzle Pack Autism Group at Connection Church and Iglesia De Dios.

This money was made available through the CARES Act, which established a $150 billion Coronavirus Relief Fund that was disbursed to municipalities and counties nationwide for navigating the impact of the pandemic.  The amount allocated was based on population; thus the City of Flemington was awarded $37,553.  While the City could have retained the entire amount, the City Council had the needs of Flemington residents and families in the forefront of their minds and made the decision to distribute to local organizations.

Dr. Byler, head pastor at Connection Church in Flemington, was pivotal in providing Council insight into local non-profit organizations who were already providing social services related to COVID-19.  The City Council’s decision was to cover the City’s related expenses first and then awarded the remainder based on Dr. Byler’s recommendations.

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