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Flemington to help Midway Museum
EP Flemington CityCouncil
Flemington city officials (l-r) Charles Richardson, Gail Evans, Mayor Sandra Martin, Donnie Smith, Dotty Baily Fermin and Palmer Dasher meet in city hall. - photo by Photo by Emily Peterson
The Flemington City Council agreed to help the Midway Museum pay for distributing its brochures during a monthly meeting on Aug. 14.
Museum staff had made the request for a grant. Flemington has routinely used its hotel/motel tax to help the museum to promote itself.
City council member Donnie Smith said she thought it would be good to approve the grant.
“I feel that we ought to help promote the Midway church and museum,” the council member said.
The grant request for brochure distribution was approved and will be paid out of the city’s hotel/motel tax fund.
In other business, the council approved a request for a temporary banner for Dancing Unlimited. The request for the banner will be good for 30 days, beginning Aug. 20 and continuing through Sept. 19.
Rene’ Harwell of Southern Window Coverings & Cleaning, a home occupation where Harwell will meet clients off the premises of her home, had her request for a business license approved. This is a part-time endeavor for Harwell.
“I don’t foresee it becoming very large or becoming a nuisance to the neighborhood,” Harwell said.
An amendment to the ethics ordinance was approved and adopted. A letter was received from the Georgia Municipal Association asking the city to look at the language used in the ordinance when people are subpoenaed to be a witness because the language may not be upheld in court.
The council tabled, in order to do further research and discussion, the adoption of an animal control ordinance for Flemington. Mayor Sandra Martin, along with council members, were not comfortable making a decision about an animal control ordinance yet because they wanted more research and discussion about it. They noted the discussion would resume during next month’s meeting.
Council members also discussed devising a smoking ordinance. The council had a complaint that a business in Flemington was allowing people to smoke on its premises. Flemington would need to have its own smoking ordinance for smoking to be banned at businesses. The council is interested in having an ordinance that would require all businesses, not just restaurants, to be smoke-free.
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