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Freeze warnings for tonight, Thursday
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There is a hard freeze warning out for Liberty County and the area for this evening and Thursday morning.

The same will be true Thursday-Friday night too, according to the National Weather Service. A northwest wind at 5-10 mph will make it seem colder than it actually is when you head out to work both mornings.

Temperatures today are expected to reach into the 50s, but tonight they will drop into the upper 20s. It probably will be a little warmer than that along the coast.

Thursday-Friday night the temperatures could drop into the lower 20s.

When there is a hard freeze experts advise that you bring in your pets or make sure they have shelter, that you bring in any house plants possible, that you cover outside plants and shrubs that may be damaged by a freeze, and that you drip water from taps served by exposed pipes. Also be careful where you place space heaters if you fire them up to add heat inside your home.

Low temperatures are expected to continue at night through the weekend. No precipitation is expected until Sunday, when the forecast estimates only 20 percent at that time.

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