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Future uncertain for Brewton-Parker campus
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As the Liberty campus of Brewton-Parker College goes forth with preparations to close at the end of this semester, there is still no decision on what will happen to the actual facility.
The only statement Dr. David R. Smith, Brewton-Parker president, is releasing after being asked about any public use of the facility on Highway 84 is that the college remains in control of the building and plans have yet to
be made.
“The college will retain the building until a productive use can be found for it,” Smith said.
Although the Liberty County Development Authority once assisted the college with financial matters, the partnerhip ended last year.
“The development authority helped Brewton-Parker by serving as a conduit for an industrial revenue bond for the amount $1.2 million in 1999,” Ron Tolley, chief executive officer for the development authority, said.
“That bond was to run through 2014 but they actually paid it off ahead of time in June of 2008.”
The question of what to do with the facility comes after last week’s announcement that the satellite
campus is closing, along with the Norman Park Satellite campus. Fifty percent of the majors are also being cut as well as some personnel.
The Courier made several attempts to contact the families who originally donated the land to the  school, but no calls were returned.

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